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Apostolic Movement


We have a Shrine because there are pilgrims

Leaving home and going on pilgrimage to holy places is part of the religious experience of many families. But how does this relate to Schoenstatt’s mission and the III Historical Milestone? Sister M. Jimena Alliende talks about her personal experience and demonstrates how May 31st impacts the organic life of the pilgrims.

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May 31st Jubilee: What is the progress on the preparations?

With just over a month to go until the 75th anniversary of the III Schoenstatt Milestone, the activities around the Shrine of Bellavista are not stopping. The National Director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Chile, Fr. Gonzalo Illanes, shares with us details of the preparations for the Jubilee.

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Illuminating the way to the 31st of May

The essence of Schoenstatt’s third milestone, the mission of May 31st, is centered on the Divine Force, which calls us to be a Schoenstatt going forth and to live an organic world in our thinking and loving, as a living contribution to the Church and the world today. This anniversary challenges us and invites us to delve deeper into the mission of being bearers of the charism of our Father and Founder.

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CIEES Congress ends with the commitment to be agents of hope

Entrepreneurs and leaders from Schoenstatt: The international meeting, which takes place every two years, took place from November 16 – 18 in Samborondón, Ecuador, with the aim of renewing the mission to bring the Kentenich pedagogy into the workplace and business world and apply it respectively.

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Schoenstatt’s General Presidium meets in Rome

On Monday, November 6, the meeting of the members of the General Presidium of the Schoenstatt Movement began in Rome. It is made up of representatives of the entire International Schoenstatt Movement. Let us accompany them with prayers so that the Holy Spirit may guide them.

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