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Apostolic Movement

Schoenstatt Men’s League

The Image of the Man and Father

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The Schoenstatt Men’s League is an independent diocesan association of married and unmarried men within the movement.



The Men’s League is present in Europe, America and Africa



The Men’s League has existed since 1930. On June 18, 1966, it was re-founded by Father Joseph Kentenich.


Depth in the spiritual life

In a world that has become confusing, people today – despite all technical progress and prosperity – are seeking for the meaning of life anew. Men also long for a deeper fulfillment of life, for personal relationships, for love, and for knowing that they are loved, which is ultimately the gift of God who carries everything.

This is why the Schoenstatt Men’s League endeavors to deepen its own religious life. Proceeding from God’s call, it is also a matter of recognizing more clearly the personal task of life as a co-creator of a more human world and of embodying it in everyday life as men and fathers in family and work, in society, economy and politics as well as in the life of the Church. In this effort, the men are inspired, formed, and strengthened by the rich, future-oriented spirituality of Schoenstatt. They live from the experience that according to God’s plan of salvation Mary is and will be decisively involved in once again leading people today to Christ and to a spirit-filled faith in his and our Father.


Friendship and life in Covenant

Each group of the Men’s League is largely independent. It maintains contact with other groups and receives support from the Schoenstatt headquarters. Within the groups, the men exchange experiences and pray together. A family-like get-together is part of it. The outlined goal points to preferred topics: From God’s point of view, what does the image of the man and father look like and how do you put it into practice in life? In order to be able to live a Christian life today, it is very helpful to experience support in the circle of friends of a group, a community of solidarity, and to receive constructive encouragement.


Our contacts in the world​​

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Our contacts in the world​​

Schoenstatt Men’s League

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