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Our communities

The Schoenstatt Men's Column is made up of four communities

Boys’ Youth​

Men’s League

Men’s Federation

Brothers of Mary


Puer et Pater - Being a father to men and a son before God

The Schoenstatt Men's Column is made up of young boys and men who want to be a new man, living in covenant with Mary. In the communities there are groups of young people, lay people and consecrated people, there is room for everyone who wants to embark on an adventure of being a son before God and having a fatherly heart before men, in a spirit of leadership and guidance.

Schoenstatt began with a group of young men led by Father Joseph Kentenich. Over time, involvement and activities increased. Among them, new groups for lay people and consecrated people emerged.


Today, the men's column is made up of four communities, with members who want to be a new man and build a new society.

Our Work

Schoenstatt has a place for everyone

In addition to men, the Schoenstatt Movement has communities for women, families and priests. Find out more about our branches by clicking below: