A glimmer of light for the low-income families of Guayaquil

Members of the Schoenstatt Family of Guayaquil are on mission in low-income neighborhoods, bringing hope and joy.

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Mary Immaculate: Nature and Grace in Harmonious Unity

A very important aspect of Father Kentenich's Mariology is the importance of the Blessed Mother as Immaculate. She appears before us as the…

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National Meeting of Coordinators

National meeting of Coordinators of the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate in Brazil in preparation for its 75th anniversary in 2025.

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DECEMBER | For volunteer not-for-profit organizations

Let us pray that volunteer non-profit and human development organizations may find people willing to commit themselves to the common good…

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In a prominently orthodox country, tiny Schoenstatt with a mission to integrate

Schoenstatt is present in Serbia, an eminently Orthodox country. Progress is slow but the Blessed Mother is well equipped to establish…

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A new glimmer of light in Villa Devoto

For several years now, the San Rafael Parish of Villa Devoto has been celebrating Mass in a street corner of the neighborhood for the…

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Schoenstatt in Burundi: Beyond an Encounter of Cultures

Burundi is a country located in the heart of Africa, near Rwanda, Tanzania and Congo and is smaller than all of them. It has very beautiful…

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Advent: time to keep an eye on the essential

What do I give more importance to? Or, what is more important in our life?

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Red Wednesday

Red Wednesday – Prayer for threatened, persecuted and discriminated Christians

Around November 23, churches and public buildings will be illuminated in red. In prayer, Christians unite with their persecuted brethren in…

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Novo secretário

Gleison de Paula Souza new Secretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life

Pope Francis has named Brazilian Gleison de Paula Souza, a professor of Religious Education at the A. Vallone School in Galatina, in…

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Camino Sinodal

German bishops discuss Synodal Path with the Curia

German Bishops gathered in Rome for their “ad Limina visit” meet with the heads of the Vatican's dicasteries to discuss the ongoing German…

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Emilie Engel

Sister Emilie Engel: I want to become a miracle of confidence

Sister M. Emilie had no fear of life or death. Many especially remember her radiant eyes.

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