Covenant of love

The Covenant of Love: Renewal of our Baptismal Consecration

In the Original Shrine, at the founding of Schoenstatt, God manifested himself anew to his people through Mary with a specific charism and…

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Schoenstatt in Ecuador

Schoenstatt in Ecuador celebrates the Golden Jubilee of its first Shrine

Ecuador is preparing for the 50th anniversary celebrations of its National Schoenstatt Shrine in Guayaquil, after a year of spiritual…

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Schoenstatt en Argentina

Argentina celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the blessing of its National Shrine

On January 20, 2022, Schoenstatt Argentina will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the blessing by Father Kentenich of its national Shrine.

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Los padres y sus desafìos

Pope: Parents who face challenges for their children’s sake are heroes

Pope Francis grants an interview to Vatican Media on being parents during the Covid-19 pandemic and the witness of Saint Joseph, calling…

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Taifun in Cebu

Challenges following devastating Typhoon in Cebu

The recent super typhoon Rai which hit Cebu on 16th December, severely damaged our Schoenstatt Sisters Centre and property along with the…

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Schoenstatt Argentina

New Schoenstatt, Argentina: The Father’s Shrine – Part III

Next January 20th, Argentina will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the blessing of the Father's Shrine, its national Shrine.

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União Feminina

General Chapter of the Apostolic Women’s Federation appointed new leaders

The Apostolic Women's Federation, a community of consecrated laywomen of the Schoenstatt Movement, held its General Chapter, in which its…

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Virgen Peregrina

The Pilgrim Mother makes her way to Albania

Frrok says he cannot describe the joy he felt when he was asked if he and his family wanted to take the Pilgrim Mother to Albania and start…

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Padre Gabriel

New Schoenstatt Father in Brazil: Father Gabriel Oberle

At the beginning of the year, Schoenstatt Brazil gives the whole family a new vocation with the consecration of Father Gabriel, who is at…

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Reyes Magos

The Three Wise Men: interpret the “signs of the times” and read life

The Three Wise Men know a wisdom of life and of the way, not of ideas and books. They know how to interpret the "signs of the times" and to…

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Pope John Paul I

September 2022 date set for beatification of Pope John Paul I

Pope Francis approved a decree recognizing a miracle attributed to the Italian Pope, who was head of the Church for 34 days.

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Papa Francisco 2021

2021 with Pope Francis: Journeys, reforms, and the challenge of Covid

Pope Francis' year has been intense, with three international Apostolic Journeys, eight Motu Proprios on various reforms, the opening of…

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