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Apostolic Movement

Schoenstatt Women’s League

Living tabernacles of Christ in the world, like Mary

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Women’s League on mission in the world

The Schoenstatt Women’s League is made up of single women whose main field of activity and apostolate is the world of work in the power of the Covenant of Love.



The Schoenstatt Women’s League is present in several countries in Europe, America, Africa and Oceania



It was founded on August 20th, with the entry of the first woman into the Schoenstatt Work, Gertraud von Bullion.


Taking Christ to the world

Following the example of Mary, Virgin and Mother, we want to be, as Father Kentenich put it: “the extended arm of Schoenstatt in the world”. In order to achieve this, we strive to educate ourselves in daily life and with the pedagogical means that we have received from our Father and Founder, following the example of Mary.


Living tabernacles

When the Coronation current came to our family, a tabernacle for the Original Shrine was the coronation gift of the Women’s League. This event was so profound for the life of our community that the tabernacle became our symbol and ideal.

Following the example of Mary, the first living tabernacle, each member of our community strives to become a living tabernacle, preserving Christ in herself and bringing him to her brothers and sisters. The ideals of our community in different countries of the world are proof of this.


To be like Mary...

The community strives to put into practice the following words that our Father and Founder addressed to them in 1945:

"What do we want as the Schoenstatt Women's League? ... We want to become little MTA pictures in our own way, and we want to help form and shape little MTA pictures everywhere... What do we want? We want to be a living tabernacle and we want to create as many living tabernacles around us as possible. All those who in any way give their name, their strength and their love to the League, should not only help us to donate the tabernacles, but also to form a single great tabernacle".


Being a tabernacle in everyday life

We can achieve this if we are anchored in the Covenant of Love, and thus in God our Father, and if we strive every day to become a living tabernacle open to God, and also a living tabernacle open to our brothers and sisters, adoring Jesus who is present in the hearts of our brothers and sisters, and adoring Him even where no one else does.


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Schoenstatt Women’s League