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Apostolic Movement

Schoenstatt Academics

Women with responsibilities for society and church

Our branch

Chalice community, chalice family

The academic world is the mission field of these women who are a bridge between science and faith. Their mission is to live the Covenant of Love in the academic environment.



The Schoenstatt academics are present in 2 countries in Europe and Africa: Germany and Burundi



The community was founded in Würzburg in 1954 by a group of former students who had met Father Kentenich in Milwaukee.

Life’s vocation

Women in science

The Schoenstatt Academics are a group of women who work in various academic professions. They work in large and small companies, in medical institutions, in schools, but also in administration or in the ecclesiastical field. They represent different walks of life, married or single, widowed or divorced. They are united by their commitment as Christians to act responsibly and independently in their professions and in society, and to make decisions based on Christian values.

New women

Anchored in Schoenstatt’s pedagogy

Based on Christian values and the educational principles of the Schoenstatt Spirituality, they try to master and influence today’s professional life with its constraints of specialization and the challenges of a society that threatens the integral existence of the person with its ever-increasing complexity motivated by acceleration and optimization of performance.


Life in Covenant with Mary

The academics are convinced that God still offers his covenant to our time. They find a response in their endeavor to live this Covenant with Mary, which has become their sustaining foundation and daily reality. Like a chalice, they want to receive Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Building a new society

The Circle of Schoenstatt Academics considers it a special task to collaborate in the spirit of the Founder, Father Kentenich, for the construction of a new Christian culture and social order:


Being a living chalice

The branch was founded in 1954 in Würzburg, Germany. Its origin is closely linked to the events of May 31, 1949, which represents Schoenstatt’s mission for the Church.

It was founded by a group of former students who had been in contact with Father Kentenich in Milwaukee. The Founder accompanied the founding of the branch during his exile.

The chalice is the symbol of the academics, because Father Kentenich always spoke to them about it, and when he spoke to the group, he spoke of the “Chalice Community”.


Our contacts in the world​​

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Our contacts in the world​​

Inge Wilhelm

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