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Apostolic Movement

International Apostolic Federation of Schoenstatt Mothers

Women and mothers in the image of Mary

Our community

Leaders at work

We are a community of married women, mothers with or without children, with marked leadership traits in the spirit of Schoenstatt and who assume the Magisterium of the Church as the foundation of their married and family life.



Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and the United States.



The community was founded in September by Father Joseph Kentenich

Life’s vocation

A community of mothers and wives

We are a community of life, apostolic and faithful to the teachings of the Founder and the Church.


We are mothers capable of influencing our environment with courage and initiative, by our consistent action and the firmness of our convictions. We are capable of leading others with a daring spirit and a warm heart.

We aspire to live in spiritual union of one, with and for the other. Community spirit sustains enthusiasm for holiness.

On a mission

Free, apostolic, capable and effective


We form a driving part of the Schoenstatt Work and we make our own the call of Father Joseph Kentenich to be a new type of community of leaders, free, apostolic, capable and effective, inserted in the world, that in close union with the hierarchy of the Church and in the spirit of the Evangelical Counsels, is consumed by the religious and moral renewal of the world in Christ from Schoenstatt.


We are a community that strives for the highest degree of holiness according to its state, through practical faith in Divine Providence and the Covenant of Love. We are invited to be docile instruments in the hands of Mary and sheltered in the shrine; to be faithful children of Father Joseph Kentenich, of his charism and mission; and to strive for the Marian configuration of the world in Christ.


Transforming the world

The apostolic spirit is cultivated in every possible field. It is a call to evangelize the culture and humanize society by conquering the world for God, through prayer, being and acting, being St. Paul our model and patron.


Our contacts in the world​​

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Our contacts in the world​​