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Apostolic Movement

International Schoenstatt Movement

A Place, a Movement, a Way of Life, a Mission

Who we are​

A Catholic Movement around the world is the official website of the International Schoenstatt Movement. It serves the exchange of life between the national Schoenstatt Movements and is the official news organ of the Schoenstatt General Presidium.



África, América, Ásia, Europa e Oceania



The Movement was born on October 18th, with the first Covenant of Love sealed in Schoenstatt


Fr. Joseph Kentenich

“I admired his openness, his concept of the Church by which he felt called to listen to the voice of the times, to question old and revered attitudes of the Church if they no longer seemed to communicate Christ’s message to the people of today. Possibly without being aware of it, he was a forerunner of Vatican II. However, everything he taught because of his love for the Church cost him a great deal of suffering… I believe that I met an authentic man of God, a saint.”

Cardinal Raul Silva

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"Open your heart for the spirit of God, so that He may change the course of the world”

Fr. Kentenich, Founder of the Movement​


A Spirituality​

Living holiness in daily life, in Covenant with Mary, being an instrument in the hands of God the Father and guided by Divine Providence. This is how we want to live, formed by Mary!

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A place

Schoenstatt is located in the town of Vallendar, near Koblenz in Germany. It is the birthplace of the Movement and the seat of the Work’s communities

Original Shrine

The small chapel is the heart and core of the entire International Schoenstatt Work

Shrine network

From this place a wide network of shrines has sprung up all over the world. Click here to find out more

Make a spiritual visit to the Original Shrine:


A Family​

Schoenstatt is also a family, with different communities for young people, families, children, priests, men and women. There are many vocations and one mission! 

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Our communities

A Mission

A movement that has an impact on all cultures and creates synergies of good. Covenant culture.

In Mission

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Find a Shrine​

A World Wide Family

Bydgoszcz - Poland
Quarten - Switzerland
Mulgoa - Australia
Cebu - Philippines
Santa Maria - Brazil
Otwock - Poland
Cape Town - South Africa
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