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Apostolic Movement

In Mission

Schoenstatt's Covenant of Love spirit is spread worldwide through various projects, bringing mission and hope to all corners of the globe.

Schoenstatt in Mission

Exploring Schoenstatt's Diverse and Impactful Global Outreach Initiatives

We have a mission. We are people, not mere and pale ideas. We are persons, not (just) numbers. We have a heart, we have a free will with which we can do what we want. And what mission do we have? We have the mission to offer this warm heart of ours to the eternal God through the hands of the Blessed Mother. We have the mission to allow ourselves to be educated by the Blessed Mother and to place ourselves at her disposal as instruments for countless other people. So today we remember the person and mission of the dear Blessed Mother (and) our person and mission.

“At your word, Lord”

Peter goes out again on the lake -against his own experience. And really: He experiences a rich fishing.

In 1914, Father Kentenich invited boys to a similar venture. A life of covenant with God and the Blessed Mother begins, a life of Christian world formation, a path of love and trust: Covenant of Love.

It is the beginning of the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt. In it, a lifestyle develops that shapes many individuals and communities. This covenant culture is developing in various countries around the world and is bearing fruit.

Here we would like to present these fruits of Schoenstatt and network the initiatives with each other. From the Shrine we hope for synergy effects that will continue to strengthen Schoenstatt and give the Church new perspectives for the future.

Through various initiatives, Schoenstatt contributes to making the Church ever more missionary and evangelizing. Living an "outgoing" spirit, our projects reach out to millions of people around the world, bringing the Church closer to the different social realities that exist in many countries. Thanks to some Schoenstatt projects, such as the Pilgrim Mother Campaign, the Church is present in the homes of families, prisons, schools, businesses, indigenous tribes, war zones and many hard-to-reach places, as a sign of closeness and welcome. Schoenstatt's commitment to the Church fosters a world united in prayer and mission, promoting unity and a common spiritual purpose.
Schoenstatt is dedicated to delivering quality education worldwide, inspired by Father Kentenich’s pedagogy. Our projects aim for comprehensive growth, emphasizing each individual’s unique path and their alignment with the divine plan. We believe in fostering not just intellectual growth, but also personal development in harmony with the divine purpose intended for each person.
The Schoenstatt Movement is seriously committed to playing a role in the development of society. Our initiatives have a genuine social impact and aim to help the most underprivileged. We contribute to schools, nurseries, social reintegration projects, vocational courses and many other initiatives. Inspired and driven by the Covenant of Love, we seek positive and meaningful change in the world.
Schoenstatt is internationally committed to strengthening families. Listening to the "voices of the times", we work to unite couples on their marriage journey and, at the same time, accompany people whose relationships have not been successful. These are just a few examples of the broad spectrum of families we serve. The Movement offers assistance to a variety of situations and addresses the wide range of challenges that families encounter. Our mission is to strengthen family ties and offer support when it is most essential
Youth is movement, enthusiasm and passion! In a spirit of joy and apostolate, Schoenstatt actively engages its youth, encouraging various missionary activities. The youth are the protagonists of many actions and, at the same time, they are accompanied by counselors who inspire them to embrace their personal purpose. Our enthusiastic young people, echoing the Blessed Mother's "Yes", venture out "on mission", spreading love and the graces of the Shrine far and wide