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Apostolic Movement


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Our communities​

Schoenstatt's priestly column is made up of four communities

Priests’ League

Federation of Priests

Schoenstatt Fathers

Institute of Diocesan


Schoenstatt priests in the image of Christ, serving the Church

The Schoenstatt priestly column has four communities of priests at the service of the Church. Three of these communities are made up of priests who work in parishes and dioceses; and one of the communities is made up of priests with the mission of serving the Schoenstatt Work.

Priests from all over the world can join the Schoenstatt priestly column by joining the League, the Federation or one of the Institutes


Each community has its own characteristics and autonomy. What they have in common is love for Christ and the Church, living their vocation in Covenant with Mary

Our Work

Schoenstatt has a place for everyone

In addition to priests, the Schoenstatt Movement has communities for men, women and families. Find out more about our branches by clicking below: