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Apostolic Movement

Schoenstatt Men’s Federation

Shaping the Earth – Living in daily life out of faith!

Our community

New men, authentic and missionary

The Men’s Federation is a life-long lay community of married and single men. A federated apostolic community of Schoenstatt lay leaders at the service of the Schoenstatt Family and the Church in the evangelization of culture and the world.



Argentina, Chile, Germany, Switzerland



The Men’s Federation was founded in Hoerde on August 20, 1919, although it did not take shape immediately after that.

Our profile

To be a missionary everywhere

As a federation community, the members are called to engage as leading personalities in the service of the Schoenstatt Family and the Church, for the evangelization of society and the world. Everyone remains in his usual everyday life with his family and profession, but his personal engagement in profession, Church, parish, is in service of Schoenstatt ideals.

Puer et Pater

To be a father to men and a son before God

The central elements of the community are the religious, communal, and apostolic character of its members. The calling to the Men’s Federation includes the endeavour to be children of God and to be true fathers in the family as well as to people in everyday life. The spirit of the times and the changing life situations are constantly pondered, and answers are sought in the pronouncements of the Church and the educational norms of our father and founder.


How it came about

The Men’s Federation was founded in Hoerde on August 20, 1919, although it did not take shape immediately. There is evidence of its existence in the early 1930s in a letter from Father Kentenich to the men of the Federation in 1933. The Nazi persecution and the war forced it to be refounded after 1945. It did not withstand well the time of Father Kentenich’s exile and was re-founded in 1966 with the remnants of those who remained after the war and a new young generation. It was founded in Switzerland in 1991, in Chile in 2005, in Argentina in 2015, and in Paraguay in 2023.

In unity

Links and cooperation

The members of the Men’s Federation, by joining, constitute a community for life, which is referred to as a course. They remain in a lively contact with each other through regional groups that meet monthly.


Our contacts in the world​​

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Our contacts in the world​​

Schoenstatt Men’s Federation

Gilgenborn 68
56179 Vallendar, Germany