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Apostolic Movement

Apostolic League of Schoenstatt Mothers

Living Monstrance bringing Christ to the world!

Our branch

We want to bring Christ to the world through our being and actions

This is our ideal: to be a Living Monstrance! The Mother of God is the model we look up to; she is the Living Monstrance par excellence! Like her, we want to bring Christ to all hearts through our being, living, and acting.



The Schoenstatt Mothers’ League is present in several countries in Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania



On the Feast of the Visitation, July 2, 1946, the branch was officially founded in Schoenstatt by Father Joseph Kentenich

Our profile

Mothers, wives, missionaries

The Schoenstatt Mothers’ League is made up of women who, as wives and mothers, want to grow spiritually and live out their faith in daily life, especially in their marriage and family.

Our model

A Marian lifestyle

We learn from the Blessed Mother to BE and ACT according to a Marian lifestyle, in the struggles of daily life, in the demands of family, relationships, work, home, and friendships.

Mary is our model – a model and ideal that has been given to us and to which we aspire with all our strength. She, the Immaculate, gives us the graces we need to live the ideal of being a Living Monstrance.


Our ideal and mission

The object that symbolizes the Mothers’ Branch is the Monstrance.

The monstrance, also known as an ostensory, is the liturgical object through which the consecrated Host is exposed. The Mothers’ League has this symbol, given to it by the founder himself, Father Kentenich, because the mothers want to be a Living Monstrance, to bring Christ to the world through their being.

Each country or region has created its own model of monstrance, with different designs and shapes, to represent the branch.

The first Monstrance was made by mothers in Germany with jewelry saved during World War II, especially the wedding rings of husbands who died in the war. It was given to the Sisters of Mary on June 12, 1949 and currently remains in the Adoration Church in Schoenstatt.


Always in action

As mothers and wives, their first mission field is their own families. In addition, they take part in formation groups, meetings, workshops, and retreats, with the desire to embody the ideal woman desired by God: Mary. Living the Covenant of Love in practical life, the mothers want to radiate the dignity of the feminine being that manifests itself in love and selfless service to life in all areas of their lives and in the family, at work, in the parish, and in the social environment.


Our contacts in the world​​

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Our contacts in the world​​

Schoenstatt Mothers League

Mount Schoenstatt 8, Zip code 56179, Vallendar, Germany


+49 261 6506 2202