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Apostolic Movement

Our Spirituality

The Old and New Testament covenants are the core of God’s revelation about how he saves and draws us to Himself. This covenant plays a central role in Schoenstatt’s spirituality.

Covenant of Love

A Christian vocation is a call to holiness

In the Schoenstatt Shrine, the Blessed Mother is the mother and educator of all who entrust themselves to her. She helps form the new person in the new community.
It works to answer the challenges the modern world poses to living the faith and striving for sanctity.
Schoenstatt spirituality is attuned to life and the integration of all its parts: nature and grace, the natural and supernatural.
Concrete & practical
Schoenstatt wishes to take the truths of the faith and live them out concretely and practically in everyday life.
Nothing without you, nothing without us!

Christianity is a covenant-based religion.

A distinctive feature of Schoenstatt is its focus on pedagogy, emphasizing the integral formation of the individual.
Schoenstatt was founded through a covenant of love with Mary, and this same covenant is seen as the key to Schoenstatt’s distinct identity and manifold forms of life. This Marian covenant strengthens anddeepens the covenant with God by giving an experience of personally knowing and loving a heavenly covenant partner, of being aware that this partner knows and loves me in return, of my personal salvation history, of having personal holy times and places, of growing through longings and fragility to a greater covenant faithfulness. The covenant experience even helps our attachments on the most human and natural level, strengthening and healing these essential attachments.
Schoenstatt’s covenant spirituality reaches into all areas of life, and it is spoken of as the “four-fold infinitism” of the covenant of love. Ultimately, the covenant of love with the MTA should increasingly become the “fundamental purpose, form, strength, and norm” of our lives (Fr. Kentenich, 1952). It helps us make the covenant with God and live as Christians in today’s world.