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Apostolic Movement

The Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth

Living crown of the Blessed Mother

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A garden of lilies

The Schoenstatt Girls' and Young Women's Movement offers girls and young women their own space in which to find and develop their identity. From the beginning, this community has been characterized by a high degree of idealism and energy: "We begin today, not tomorrow.



The Schoenstatt Girls’ and Young Women’s Movement is present in several countries in Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.



It was founded on August 15, 1931, out of the ardent desire of young women to have their own place in the growing Schoenstatt Movement.


Respecting the stages of development

At present, the Schoenstatt Movement for Girls and Young Women works according to age, and the various activities are planned accordingly.

For girls up to age nine, it's especially important to help them express their inner strength.


For teenagers, our movement is about personality development and learning to know and love one's own originality.

Young women

Girls and young women experience a community in which there is ample room for questioning personal life plans, for the challenges of study and work, for relationships and partnerships.

In action

Youth committed to youth

When it comes to opportunities for younger girls and young women, everyone has the chance to use their talents, grow beyond themselves and share responsibility. "Youth committed to youth" applies to the movement for girls and young women. It includes involvement in church, politics and society.

Many events take the form of weekend retreats, holidays, or regular group meetings. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome - it's not necessary to fill out a formal membership application. Members also cooperate with the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth in projects and missionary activities.

Little Mary's

To be a reflection of the Blessed Mother

The goal of the Movement is to help each member develop her personal faith, a faith that is life-giving and that helps her to appreciate and value her own life and mission. This goal is achieved through the Covenant of Love with Mary, the Mother of God.


Girls’ Power – Live crown

There is a symbol that has become important to the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth Movement: the crown!

Each girl wears an invisible crown: These are the words of the founder of Schoenstatt, Father Joseph Kentenich.

It's about developing a sense of one's own dignity. In the life of each member, something of the true beauty of woman and her power to shape life and culture should be revealed. For us this means Be Mary today.


Our contacts in the world​​

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Our contacts in the world​​

The Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth

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