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A new kind of place of grace: Worldwide and near you, in the service of a better world.

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A movement that has an impact on all cultures and creates synergies of good. Covenant culture.

Jubilee May 31st

Pentecost Congress

Schoenstatt Original

The word “Schoenstatt” comes from German and means “beautiful” (schön) and “place” (statt). The earliest known reference to this valley is found in a historical document from year 1143, where it is called “eyne schoene statt”, that is, a beautiful place.

Founded by Fr. Josef Kentenich in Germany in 1914, the shrine is a place where the Virgin Mary is invited for protection and influence.

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capital of grace

Open your heart for the spirit of God, so that He may change the course of the world.”

Fr. Kentenich, Founder of the Movement

“I admired his openness, his concept of the Church by which he felt called to listen to the voice of the times, to question old and revered attitudes of the Church if they no longer seemed to communicate Christ’s message to the people of today. Possibly without being aware of it, he was a forerunner of Vatican II. However, everything he taught because of his love for the Church cost him a great deal of suffering… I believe that I met an authentic man of God, a saint.”

Cardinal Raul Silva


The Life of Father Kentenich

Our Spirituality

Marian Devotion

Mary as the "swiftest, shortest, surest way to Christ" (J.K)


“In the shadow of the Shrine, the destiny of the Church for centuries will be decided.” (J.K.)

Covenant of Love

“Nothing without you, MTA, nothing without us”

Capital of Grace

“For the body of Christ, the Church, I supplement in my earthly life what is still lacking in the sufferings of Christ.” (Col 1:24)

Everyday Sanctity

“I must be responsible for the realization of religion in everyday life. Workday Sanctity” J.K.

Practical Faith in Divine Providence

“Practical faith in Divine Providence brings us countless times during our everyday life into the most vivid contact with the living God.”

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