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Apostolic Movement


Electricity is out in Mutumba and hundreds of people are left homeless

A landslide struck the premises of the Schoenstatt Center in Mutumba, Burundi, Africa. 2,485 people in the region have been left homeless and without electricity. The Schoenstatt Sisters, committed to the dignity of the families in the region, are in need of help to recover the damaged turbine and help the families dealing with such complicated situations.

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The Schoenstatt Fathers’ mission in Punjab, India

“People who come to us to pray and to attend Holy Mass are at the beginning of their spiritual journey and formation. They even need to learn to make the sign of the cross and get acquainted with many basic Catholic prayers”. Let’s take a look at the work the Schoenstatt Fathers are doing in the state of Punjab in northern India

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Faced with technological overload, intermittent digital fasting

We live in a time of great digital overload. On average, the world’s population spends 6 hours and 37 minutes a day in front of screens [1]. For this very reason, many people have given up or reduced the time they spend online during Lent. What can we learn from this? What can we incorporate in our lives after Easter?

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The Pilgrim Mother begins her journey to Mozambique

Learning about the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Apostolate and the graces she showers on those she visits, prompted a Mozambican priest to take the MTA image to his country to visit families in his community and transform hearts. “Wherever I am, I will always share this experience,” he says.

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Healing the Sick by Healing Relationships – With Mary’s eyes!

Sister of Mary and doctor, Sister M. Teresa Olivares, from Chile, speaks about what characterizes Schoenstatt health professionals in their mission of living the Covenant of Love in the care of patients. And on this World Day of the Sick, she makes a comparison between the daily life of the sick and the 31st of May: a “very current” and challenging mission.

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A Christmas dinner… in the streets, for the people of the streets

A buffet of special dishes, as well as presentations and songs, made up the dinner offered to the needy population of the city of Olinda, Brazil. The Schoenstatt Family, through the Mother Queen of Mercy Project, organized a special celebration for their brothers and sisters who are homeless. The diners were delighted by the special richness of the encounter.

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