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Belmonte: Concrete preparations begin for the 2025 International Coronation

By: Fr. Marcelo Cervi

On March 2nd and 3rd, 2024, a committee was formed in Rome. This committee will be responsible for the concrete preparation for the International Coronation celebration of the Mother Queen Thrice Admirable and Victress of Schoenstatt as “Queen Mother of the Church”, which will take place on June 9, 2025. The event will be held as part of the Movements’ Jubilee in the Holy Year 2025. The members of the committee are: Boček and Monika Hurt, Fr. Marcelo Cervi, Francesca Cirilli, Mario and Liliana Gentile, Matteo and Marie-Christine Ciancaglini, Fr. José Luis Correa, Rosa Ricciardi, Sister M. Julia de Almeida, Tim Loferer and Vinicius Kattah.

This year’s gift: The Engling Pyre

In these two days of work, the committee also planned the celebration of the Shrine’s 20th anniversary, which will be celebrated from September 6 to 8, 2024. During the event, the ideal and mission of the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine will be reflected upon. In addition, the “Engling Pyre” will be offered as a gift to the Shrine, and there will be a concert, alternating songs with moments of meditation. The celebrations will culminate with a Holy Mass in St Peter’s Basilica and the Sunday Angelus with the Pope in St Peter’s Square.

The committee proceeded to outlin the details of the coronation, based on the work carried out by the group responsible for the remote preparation for this event. This first group, which met ten times over Zoom in a period of two years, defined the intentions of the coronation and informed the Movement worldwide. An official invitation was also sent to all countries in October 2023, through a letter sent by the International Coordination to the National Directors or those who are in charge of the Movement. On March 1st, the group completed its task by defining the symbols and shape of the crown. In addition, an application has been prepared that will allow users to send offers for the Capital of Grace online. Finally, the group shared the results of its work to the Committee responsible for the Coronation celebration.

An international invitation

By confirming the invitation to the Coronation, we hope that delegations worldwide will be able be present. These delegations will have the opportunity to offer a small crown to Our Lady as a tangible sign of their adherence to the Coronation solemn act. The offered crowns will be kept in a special place in the International Schoenstatt Centre, just as the amphorae were kept at the blessing of the Shrine 20 years ago. This symbolic gesture emphasises the hearts of so many people from all over the world who, in prayer, honour the Mother Queen Thrice Admirable and Victress of Schoenstatt. The crown is a symbol of trust in the maternal and royal power of the Mother of God and also an acknowledgment of human inability to face great challenges, becoming a link between the faithful and the Mother of God while proclaiming their faith and love; a novena is planned in preparation for the event.

The international coronation on June 9, 2025, will be a moment of great spiritual significance and communion for the International Schoenstatt Family. We invite everyone to participate and to contribute with affection and dedication to the “Queen Mother of the Church”.


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