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Illuminating the way to the 31st of May

Erika Cedeño Cobeña

On March 19, St. Joseph’s Day, Father Kentenich’s Secretariat in Ecuador organized an online talk entitled: Let us illuminate the way towards May 31st.

We are about to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 3rd Schoenstatt Milestone: In Divine Force, and this anniversary challenges us and invites us to deepen in this milestone that gives us the mission of being bearers of the charism of our Father and Founder.

Sister María Auxiliadora Bohórquez, superior of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Guayaquil, was deeply involved in the organization of the 50th Anniversary of the 31st of May in Chile in 1999, and today she offers us a way to prepare ourselves to live a grand moment: the 75th Anniversary of Schoenstatt’s Third Milestone.

We long to receive the power of this mission

“It is the Milestone of the Divine Force. We want to be part of this hour, to prepare ourselves and to participate in it, because the milestones are not simple memories. They are repositories of actual graces. We long to receive the divine force, the power of this mission, because we need it today and right here”, said the sister in the talk.

Three days of pilgrimage in Bellavista

Father Gonzalo Illanes, National Director of the Schoenstatt Movement of Chile, also participated in this meeting and shared important details about the 75th Anniversary Jubilee of May 31st.

“We have more than 700 people registered, 150 of whom are foreigners, which is wonderful news because this is a milestone for the entire Family. We have defined the great objective of the Jubilee of the May 31st celebration in three major concepts for the three days of the pilgrimage: We want to go on pilgrimage, to open our hearts and thus renew our Covenant,” remarked Father Gonzalo.

It is still possible to register and live this experience that will enkindle the Schoenstatt Mission.

“Taking advantage of this Jubilee implies exploring the richness of the 31st of May. To understand this mission, which is so needed today by so many people. Myself, those I love, those I would like to draw into the Covenant. This is what Jesus and Mary are asking us to do,” concluded Sister María Auxiliadora.

Information about this international event of the Schoenstatt Family can be obtained through this website:

The talk to which we are referring is available at this Youtube, in spanish:


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