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Apostolic Movement

Listening to the voice of God

By: Heinrich Brehm

The IV General Chapter of the International Apostolic Federation of Schoenstatt Families is meeting from September 1st to the 11th at the Josef-Kentenich-Hof in Hillscheid, its headquarters, located seven kilometers from the Original Shrine.

Its last General Chapter took place seven years ago. Due to the pandemic, the present chapter had to be postponed for a year.

Stimme Gottes

There are 23 couples participating in the Chapter as delegates from 12 countries. The delegates represent some 2,000 families from a total of 20 countries. Ten representative couples are from Europe and 13 from Latin America. With six languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Hungarian), a great deal of translation work is being conducted, which expresses the diversity of the Federation’s community. A total of 26 volunteers and staff support the delegates.

Foto: H. Brehm

Review and perspectives

The term of office that is now ending was marked by the development and expansion of the Schoenstatt Family Federation in various countries and by the accompaniment of those communities which are in the founding phase. To date, eight territories have achieved autonomy.

The topics to be discussed at the General Chapter are: reports from the different regions, the revision of the international statutes and discussion of motions, as well as the election of a new International Directorate. However, in a special way, the community seeks to listen to the voice of God in the spirit of synodality through an exchange on controversial topics for the community, such as the Kentenich cause and the collaboration of the Schoenstatt family communities.

Reflections on the accompaniment and education of prospective families are a key point, along with other topics, such as the mission of the community in the Church and for the Church.

Mutual openness and listening to the voice of God

“For all our deliberations and topics, the families of the Federation implore the grace of the Holy Spirit,” expressed Rosa-Maria and Josef Wieland, international family leaders, “and we expect a great degree of openness to each other, and to be attentive to the voice of God, so that a strong impulse for the future of the International Apostolic Federation of Schoenstatt Families will emerge from the Chapter.” The community is grateful for the prayers of the entire Schoenstatt Movement for this General Chapter.


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