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Apostolic Movement

Mexico receives a missionary impulse at its National Leaders’ Conference in Querétaro

By: Florencia Gil de Lelo de Larrea

Leaders and representatives of the different branches and communities of the Schoenstatt Movement in Mexico gathered from September 2-4 at the Shrine “Faithful Heart of the Church” in the city of Querétaro, to participate in the traditional National Leaders’ Conference.

Filled with joy for being able to experience an on-site conference after three years, leaders of the family branches, ladies, professionals, missionaries, league of the sick and disabled, boy’s and girl’s youth, and the communities of the Federation and Institute of Families, as well as the Fathers and Sisters of Mary, were able to gather and participate in a conference entitled “Faithful to the Father’s mission”, which is part of the National Ideal, and which was very enriching for everyone.

Sister Mara; Joche and Ivonne from the Family Branch; and José Pablo, from the Boys’ Youth, shared in a very clear and pleasant way the experiences lived during the Pentecost Congress, which took place last June in Schoenstatt, Germany.

Meanwhile, Father Alejandro Martinez described the present situation of Father Kentenich’s cause, and he spoke about the responsibility and duties that the Schoenstatters have in this regard. And finally, Father Rodrigo Correa spoke about synodality and how to implement the process and spirit of synodality in the Schoenstatt Movement.

Missionary Awareness.

During another part of the conference, all the participants, divided into worktables, were able to share their feelings and thoughts about the topics and make proposals about the necessary tasks to be carried out both within and outside the Movement.

They concluded that they are called to be active players and participants in Schoenstatt, living in trust with a commitment and faithfulness that results in action. This includes taking a closer look at the history of Father Kentenich, his charism, his pedagogy, and his mission, which is also the Family’ mission.

They also deemed it essential to support the youth in their initiatives and to create for them opportunities for exchange, walking together as a Family of families, with mutual support, with humble prayer, getting to know the charism well and making it come alive, with heroic love for one another, knowing that the Holy Spirit will guide them to fulfill God’s plans for the Family, and placing their trust in the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother:

Nothing without you, nothing without us!

To be faithful to Father’s mission is everyone’s task!


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