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Let’s Celebrate! Italy has its first Family Federation group

Marie-Christine Jeannenot / Claudia Brehm

In the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine in Rome, Italy, eight couples celebrated becoming officially part of the Schoenstatt Family Federation. The first group, called “Mariae apostoli”, is looking forward to their life as a group with their very special mission.

Mariae apostoli

On June 17, feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, after three years of preparation, eight couples made their first consecration as part of the Schoenstatt Family Federation. They have chosen to see their mission symbolized in these two words: “Mariae apostoli”. They see themselves as Marian apostles on the way to the families.

The consecration of the eight couples took place in a Mass marked by reflection and contemplation in the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine, attended by Stefan and Maria Pelz, members of the international leaders of the Schoenstatt Family Federation and by the course advisors, Father Beltrán Gómez, Sister Asunción Bergen Pape, and the couple Gabriela and Gastón Zurita, from Argentina.

Sharing the joy

During the Covenant Mass the following day, the first group of the Italian Family Federation was able to share the joy of their consecration with their families and the different Schoenstatt groups from Italy in the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine. Once again, they recited their consecration prayer and renewed their willingness to be sent forth.

The couples from the Apostles of Mary course entrust their journey – personally, as a couple and as a community – to God and Mary. They know they are strengthened by the Covenant of Love, the sacrament of marriage under the light of the evangelical counsels and the priestly intercession of Father Kentenich, founder of the Schoenstatt Movement.

Thankful for the prayers

Thankful for all the prayers and accompaniment they have experienced on their road to the Schoenstatt Family Federation, the eight couples promise to pray for all the Schoenstatt members and hope that “…maybe one day we will meet in person!”.


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