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Apostolic Movement

A Perpetual Yes to the Family Federation in the United States

By: Elizabeth and Michael Arth

After 11 years of preparation, Michael and Elizabeth Arth, Luis and Elsa Dominguez, Blake and Loretta Eaton, Ruben and Christel Montez, and David and Pita Sanchez, sealed their Perpetual Consecration with the AFF as Course 8 of the USA Territory, in the Confidentia Shrine in Lamar, Texas.

These families have in fact been formed by our Mother Thrice Admirable for many years as active members in their local Schoenstatt Movement, in couples’ groups, attending family retreats, and participating in the local Schoenstatt formation events.

A path among many blessings and many challenges

After realizing the many years of the graces of their Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother in their Home Shrines, they felt called to the AFF. In 2013, inspired by the Home Shrine Congress at the International Shrine in Waukesha, Wisconsin, several of the couples began to investigate the possibility to join the AFF and after some time they were formally accepted to begin their candidacy as course 8.

Throughout their years of formation, they experienced many family blessings. They also persevered amidst the challenges of job changes, household moves, family members passings, as well as enduring the Covid years of restricted gatherings. With all the blessings and even the challenges they give great thanks to God and the Blessed Mother for accompanying them through it all.

Instruments listed to serve

On Wednesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 22, 2024, they experienced great joy as they sealed their Perpetual Consecration, at the Shrine of Confidence. The weather along the coast was perfect and the atmosphere was joyful and in so many ways very blessed.

Now they look forward to their journey together with their Course and all their AFF family, as they stay open to whatever way Our Mother Thrice Admirable wishes to use them in her Schoenstatt Work.


with your loved ones

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