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Will the youth of Brazil make it to World Youth Day? Let’s see what happened

By: Jaqueline Montoya

In 2023, thousands of young people are preparing their hearts to experience World Youth Day -WYD- which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from August 1st to the 6th. For some years now, the Schoenstatt Youth of Brazil have been on fire with this opportunity to be close to Pope Francis and also to go on pilgrimage to Schoenstatt to get to know the Original Shrine. The preparation has been intense both materially and spiritually.

But while the expectation for the trip was growing, the group was shocked by some disturbing news: although the tickets had been paid for, they were never issued.

The young people have no resources, but they are not giving up hope

You may be asking yourself: but what happened? The contracted travel agency did not purchase the tickets and medical insurance required for the trip, due to the financial crisis they are going through, even though most of the payments had already been made.

As a result, the Brazilian group, made up of 78 young people, finds itself without resources. The young people already have their registrations for World Youth Day guaranteed, but they do not have the means to travel to Schoenstatt and Lisbon. They are looking for new plane tickets, but the prices and fees are already sky high. Moreover, the agency in question has no deadline for the reimbursement of the tickets. In other words: the group has already invested practically all its resources and will have to pay for new travel packages if they want to reach their destination.


SOS Youth: I believe in miracles!

Faced with this situation, the group’s first thought could be: let’s give up. However, they remained determined and confident that the trip was still possible. In conversations with the advisors, the campaign “SOS Youth – Pray a Hail Mary and donate a real” was born. The value of one real is 20 cents of a euro or a dollar.

The objective of the group is to obtain, through donations, the necessary funds to cover the expenses of the tickets and to make the great dream of making it to the Original Shrine and then participating in World Youth Day come true!

How can we help?

The Youth of Brazil, in addition to the activities to raise funds, are currently counting on the collaboration of the Schoenstatt Family. The Pentecost Congress has already emphasized the importance of the youth and their contribution in different areas. The Brazilian youth are going through a moment of trial, but they remain united to face this situation together and they want to count on the support of the entire International Family.

To contribute, simply pray a Hail Mary and make a spontaneous donation. The amounts should be deposited in the following account: click here

In addition to the financial contribution, the young people count on your prayers and contributions to the Capital of Grace so that the dream can become a reality.

“Trust always determines the extent to which our requests are answered”

Despite being overwhelmed by the unexpected developments, the young participants remain confident: the miracle will happen! Pedro Furquim describes his expectations: “Since I was a child, I have dreamed of participating in the biggest Catholic youth event in the world and, visiting the most ‘beautiful place’ with my friends would be incredible. I have often dreamed of this trip. But sometimes life imposes certain situations on us that can only be overcome by trusting the MTA. When I heard about the inconvenience regarding the tickets, I was desolate and I felt a deep pain in my heart, because my greatest dream might have come to an end. But trusting in the Covenant of Love, I know that God has His plans for us and if it is His will, I will be able to visit the home of the Father and Founder and be even more delighted with all that Schoenstatt can provide me.”

Nicole Martins Silvério shares her testimony: “As we approached the date of our trip, our preparations intensified. We were already making the lists of items to take, our hearts longing for our meeting in Lisbon and also for our visit to Original Schoenstatt, and then we had the disappointing news that the company responsible for providing our tickets could not fulfill what we had agreed upon. Such terrible news! At that moment I felt insecure and afraid that I would have to postpone a dream. For a moment, what I had idealized and dreamed of – achieving and being in Original Schoenstatt, meeting with young people from all over the world who have the same ideal – was shaken. I thought that none of that would be possible anymore. But now with the certainty that nothing happens by chance, I know that with the strength of our faith and surrender to the capital of grace, the Blessed Mother will guide us towards the best, towards what is in God’s plan. I write this testimony confident that soon we will be able to meet in Schoenstatt and in Lisbon. After all, nothing is impossible for God.

To learn more about the group, the preparations for WYD and the Campaign SOS Youth follow @jmjschoenstattbrasil on Instagram.

You can help us with a donation, whatever you are able to donate, no matter the amount, through this link.

We thank you in advance!


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