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Tenth World Meeting of Families: Marriage is both difficult and precious.

By: Enrique Soros

The Tenth World Meeting of Families was hosted in dioceses all over the world, in a very reduced format due to the Covid pandemic, with the Vatican as the principal location. It was held on June 22- 26, 2022 and Pope Francis was present on the first afternoon, encouraging attendees and those attending virtually, to deepen the bonds of marriage and to live the Christian values of family in a heroic way.

The event, presented mostly by married couples was given in different languages.  The various conferences consisted of the most varied realities of marriage and family life.

Encuentro de las familias
Foto: Martin Soros


One of the lectures was given by Eduardo de la Paz and Mónica González, from Spain, on the topic “Accompaniment in the first years of marriage“. They began their contribution by saying that since they got married “it has been seven years full of difficulties, but also full of joys and precious encounters”. And, in case their perspective on the duality of married life was not clear, they expressed being “convinced what lies ahead of us is incredibly beautiful, knowing also that there will be trials we will overcome together.”

“But this has not always been the case,” they continue. “We attended the pre-marriage courses, we knew everything…. well, so we thought… We lovingly prepared the ceremony, had a beautiful wedding and a very fun honeymoon… and after that, we came home… and we were faced with reality. Living with each other, being away from home, taking on new tasks and responsibilities, reaching agreements… the lids left open, the washing machines, the clothes on the floor, deciding whether to use paper or cloth napkins, plus a lengthy etcetera… in short… creating a ‘we'”.

And this is how they express their awakening to the harsh reality of marriage: “Gradually we became aware everyday life was going to require painstaking efforts, giving up many things and making sacrifices. And then… we found ourselves on our own”.

Christian marriages in the midst of a world of emptiness

And then they put their relationship in the social context of the world: “In these times, we get married in a hedonistic, individualistic and relativistic society, where ideas about romantic relationships, sexuality, money and pleasure often threaten the dignity of marriage and the family. Today, more than ever, we need light and hope. We do not want to be a superficial marriage, according to the latest trends, we want to be the marriage that God intended for us, and we cannot do it by ourselves. We need our Mother Church, who welcomes, enlightens, and accompanies us”.

Amoris laetitia, chapter 6

They then provided the clue for the Church to take seriously the accompaniment of young couples: “We thank the Holy Father for his concern about the accompaniment in the first years of marriage, dedicating a whole section of chapter six of Amoris Laetitia. Pope Francis indicates in number 217 that ‘it becomes imperative to accompany couples in the first years of married life in order to enrich and deepen their conscious and free decision to belong to each other and to love each other to the end'”.

And they conclude: “Thanks to Pope Francis and the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life for the recent publication of ‘Catechumenal Itineraries for Married Life’, a document that responds to the needs that young married couples and engaged couples have, in pursuit of a pastoral renewal in married life”.

Edu and Monica found a wonderful accompaniment in the group “FamilyRock”.

Topics covering a wide spectrum of family life

During the World Meeting the most varied experiences of family life are dealt with, such as Centering the family in Christ, with Sandrine and Guillaume Haudebourg; Transmitting the faith to today’s youth, with Massimo and Patrizia Paloni; Social networks: an environment for our children? with Gustavo Huguenin and Fabíola Goulart; Amid the migrants, with Isabelle Vanceulebroeck and François Delooz; Vocation and mission in the existential peripheries: in addictions, with María Paula Casanova and Valerio Santoro; Always welcoming new life, with GianLuigi De Palo and AnnaChiara Gambini.

The World Meeting of Families
Foto: Martin Soros

Schoenstatt’s presence

Twenty-six members of the Schoenstatt Family participated in the Encounter, as representatives of Episcopal Conferences, and from other sectors of the Church. A video is being produced in which these members talk about their experiences in this event in 15 second clips. This will be shared with the Schoenstatt Family worldwide.

A contribution from Schoenstatt is the Ministry of Hope, with the title “Spiritual Accompaniment for New Unions”, with Stella and Victor Dominguez Acosta, from Paraguay, in which they examine the apostolate regarding the inclusion within the Church of individuals separated and living in a new union.

On Schoenstatt International’s social networks are experiences of the Encounter through photos and other media.

More information about the World Meeting of Families is available at:  y de


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