Covenant of love

The Covenant of Love: Renewal of our Baptismal Consecration

The Covenant of Love and our baptism As we renew the Covenant on the 18th, it is as if water is being poured over our heads once more.…

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Schoenstatt in Ecuador

Schoenstatt in Ecuador celebrates the Golden Jubilee of its first Shrine

 The Schoenstatt Family in Ecuador has prepared the Jubilee for the 50th anniversary of its National Shrine with countless offerings and…

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Schoenstatt Argentina

New Schoenstatt, Argentina: The Father’s Shrine – Part III

Panorama The founder was not acknowledged by his own father. That thorn in his flesh remained with him all his life. His bleeding wound…

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María, Madre de DIos

Mary, Mother of God and our Mother

Mary is Mother of the whole Christ, of the historical and the mystical Christ. She is Mother of the Head and of the members. Mary is the…

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Father Shrine

New Schoenstatt, Argentina: Father’s Shrine, witness of the cross and Mary’s victory – Part II

The New Schoenstatt Shrine, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is emblematic in Schoenstatt's history. It is currently preparing…

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Investiture of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Schoenstatt, Germany

Let my Life be a Great Magnificat!   “From the moment I surrendered all of my insecurities and took the first step toward answering…

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Father Shrine

New Schoenstatt, Argentina: Father’s Shrine, a witness to the cross and the Blessed Mother’s victory – Part I

Panorama The Schoenstatt Sisters in Argentina, as in all their branches in other continents, had experienced Father Kentenich's…

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Entronización de la Mater

Enthronement of the Blessed Mother in a Guayaquil parish

The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of Guayaquil The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of Guayaquil, Ecuador, has much to be grateful to our Mother…

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Father Kentenich

Father Kentenich Today – a series of videos

  "Father Kentenich today" - Schoenstatt Families from Austria, Schoenstatt Fathers and Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary gave testimony of…

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Ecuador libro

Ecuador launches a book on the history of Schoenstatt in its land

On October 18th, within the framework of the jubilee year for the 50th Anniversary of our National Shrine, the Schoenstatt Family in…

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