The joy of the Covenant of Love in concrete actions.

The Sisters of Mary opened the doors of the Pilgerhaus, in the original Schoenstatt, so that a group of Ukrainian refugees could stay in a…

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Ein geschwisterlicher Brief an die internationale Schönstattfamilie

Document of the International Pentecost Congress is now available in its official translations

The International Pentecost Congress, which took place in Schoenstatt, Vallendar from June 8 to 12, summarized its reflections in a letter:…

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Pentecost Congress 2022 – “Moved by the Spirit of God”

Pentecost Congress 2022 - "Moved by the Spirit of God" One hundred thirty-nine delegates from 33 countries will gather in the original…

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Joseph Kentenich Institute Workshop on the “Epistola Perlonga”

A provocative document The "Epistola Perlonga" is the letter by which Father Joseph Kentenich responded to the report that the Auxiliary…

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Pentecost Congress: We are reaching the end…

Most of these Covenant of Love brothers and sisters who have registered for the Pentecost Congress, will meet for the first time face to…

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P. Alexander Menningen

“Alex, will you go with me?” Father Alexander Menningen: Father Kentenich’s closest disciple.

Father Alexander Menningen: "Yes, Father, I will go with you" Many of us know that Father Alex Menningen "was the dearest and closest…

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Pentecost Congress 2022. What is it about?

Sr. M. Nilza Silva interviews Fr. Henrich Walter (Germany) and Sr. M. Cacilda Becker (Brazil),who are the International Coordinators of the…

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Padre Kentenich a la llegada

Father Joseph Kentenich: 75 years of his arrival in Uruguay

The world’ s First Daughter Shrine prepares to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the arrival of Schoenstatt's Founder. Upon his release…

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Ukraine Schönstatt

Afternoon get-together with Ukrainian refugees in the Schoenstatt Pilgrims’ House

About 30 children of all ages were in attendance and were delighted to be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt rally in the pilgrims'…

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Hoffnung Zukunft

“Family – Hope for the future”

Schoenstatt representatives from seven European countries met at the end of April in Munich at the European Forum to prepare for the…

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