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Youth Festival returns to Schoenstatt: Night of the Shrine

Katharina Matt

The Night of the Shrine returns to Schoenstatt

Very soon, from September 2nd to the 4th, the Night of the Shrine will take place. After one online and one decentralized Night of the Shrine in the last two years, the Schoenstatt Youth Festival with its 500 participants returns to Schoenstatt. Together we want to celebrate faith and life at this place.

Since 2006, the Night of the Shrine has brought together young adults between 16 and 30 years of age from German-speaking countries. Deep spirituality and festive celebration: the special atmosphere of the Night of the Shrine attracts the participants with renewed enthusiasm. Thematic workshops and lectures, a scenic program and a night of culture will be offered this year. The focus will be especially on the feeling of community.

WEunite – dare to live today

With the motto “WEunite – dare to live today” the Schoenstatt Youth want to give a clear signal: Despite all the breakdowns, crises, and uncertainties, it is all about building bridges and overcoming frontiers. Connecting hearts, giving hope, understanding others, with others instead of against others.

Throughout all the uncertainty, you must consciously decide each day: “Dare to live today”. Have the courage to take a risk, to step out of your comfort zone, to pursue your inner longing. Daring to live, in all its dimensions and facets, big and small, is what the Night of the Shrine is all about. And it is about taking the risk of living with the confidence that we are not alone. WEunite – connected to God, to the world, to the people around you – dare to live today!

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More information about the Night of the Shrine:
Instagram: @nachtdesheiligtums;
Facebook: Nacht des Heiligtums;
Youtube: NachtdesHeiligtums




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