An intimate portrait of John Pozzobon: His daughter reveals what he was like as a father and husband

When we speak of Deacon John Louis Pozzobon and his holiness, we run the risk of thinking that his family life was shaped by situations…

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João Pozzobon and praying the Rosary

João Luis Pozzobon's family was characterized by harmony and by a deep religiousness inherited from his grandparents. They gathered daily…

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Coordinators’ Encounter in preparation for the Pilgrim MTA Jubilee

Organizing a national meeting in a country of continental dimensions is no easy task. In the case of Brazil, which covers more than eight…

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Hombres sencillos

Simple men called to greatness before God

On this day, December 12th, 118 years ago, the Servant of God John Louis Pozzobon was born. A member of the Schoenstatt Movement in Santa…

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How the Original Pilgrim Mother image came about. This is the history of the image of grace.

This is how the image of the Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt came about More than 50 years have passed since John Pozzobon began his…

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What are the stages in a canonization process?

This is a summary of the stages in every canonization process. This material has been put together by the Secretariat for Father Joseph…

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João Pozzobon

João Pozzobon’s secretary talks about his death

Denise Moro, who was João Pozzobon's secretary and a volunteer for two years, talks to us about his death on June 27, 1985 Deacon…

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