Christmas message

Dear friends of Schoenstatt International: The long-awaited day of the Lord's coming is at hand. Jesus comes again into the world, bringing…

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Covenant Day… on the verge of Christmas

December 18th. As it happens every year, this date finds us ending the Advent season on the verge of Christmas. It is a special time of…

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A Guide towards the Light: An Experience with Father Kentenich

For me it was an unforgettable experience. I had a tape recorder I had taken with me from my previous job. I had to sit near the podium to…

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Father Kentenich in the light of St. Joseph: Thoughts not only for Christmas

A Christmas image I would like to begin my contribution with a Christmas image. St. Joseph is usually seen either seeking shelter or…

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I pray for you from the Shrine – Participate in the Initiative “A star for you”

This Sunday, November 26th, the initiative "A star for you" will be launched in the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt. This initiative has an…

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Gloria al Señor

Glory to the Lord who always comes to meet us

Rangel Limón Family - San Luis Potosi, Mexico. For us Christmas means a time of Joy, of Hope for the coming of the Child Jesus who brings…

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mismo Cristo

The same Christ forever inviting us to love him

Family: Vanesa Muriel and Adrián Turrado. Querétaro, Mexico For us Christmas this year was a time of welcoming, trust and faithfulness.…

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Año 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

Dear readers: We celebrate the birth of the child Jesus who comes into the world to save us. Historically, the event is the…

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Merry Christmas

Born of the Virgin Mary

So different! Yes, really! It is precisely through this holy night, Christmas Eve when Jesus Christ was born, when not only some things,…

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