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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

By: Team

Dear readers:

We celebrate the birth of the child Jesus who comes into the world to save us. Historically, the event is the same, year after year we celebrate the same thing and yet every year, Christmas is different because I am different.

This year we were invited to “grow in love” during this Advent. If we look at these weeks of preparation; what is my answer and how do I present myself before the infant Jesus? I offer him my life and my efforts to appreciate what is most important, giving priority to what is truly necessary for me and for others.

I tried to walk without haste, keeping watch, cleansing my soul of what prevents it from being free. I strove for peace.

Jesus’ arrival fills my heart with enthusiasm and joy. However, I realize that I am small and so, this Christmas, I bow before the little Savior, before this little helpless, but all-powerful child, I contemplate Him and I say to His Mother:

Year 2023 “Mother, give me your son. Do not choose the cold and austere stable as your cradle but take my heart. My heart is decorated a little and longs for your child. Let my heart be his cradle!”  Father Kentenich

On behalf of the international team at the service of we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a good year 2023! Thank you for preferring us and reading our articles, thus enabling to continue to grow.

Invitation: As an International Schoenstatt Family we want to share a little of our Christmas and the customs of each country. That is why we invite you to send us a photo of your nativity scene at home, with the name of the Family, the country of origin and in 5 lines a description of what Christmas 2022 means to you. We want to publish these photos and your message on our site and we understand that by sending us your photo, name and message you agree to it being published. We will be receiving your photos via and the last day to receive photos is January 6, 2023. We look forward to your participation.



with your loved ones

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