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The same Christ forever inviting us to love him

By: Schoenstatt International

Family: Vanesa Muriel and Adrián Turrado. Querétaro, Mexico

derselbe Christus

For us Christmas this year was a time of welcoming, trust and faithfulness. Jesus in his manger teaches us that it is in simplicity and humility where daily life acquires meaning, something we wish to live day by day.

Saavedra Ruíz Family, Querétaro Mexico

derselbe Christus

We would like to share with you that for Lidia and Ramon this Christmas has been very different since we are in the community where Lidia was born (Rancho Donica). The traditional posadas are still held in this place, praying the Holy Rosary with the litany in Latin, followed by a family get-together with food and piñatas. On the 24th, after the Holy Rosary, the baby Jesus is lulled to sleep and then each family goes home to share a family dinner.

Tello Vazquez Family – Celaya, Mexico

This Christmas has meant getting back together as a family in a more open way and enjoying the time together after the pandemic. It is a tradition to go to Holy Mass, cradling the baby Jesus and having a reflection together where we give thanks for the gifts we have received. It is beautiful to be united and embrace each other around the Holy Family.

Isabel Figueroa, Mexico (Ireland)

same Christ

Currently I am living in Ireland. Having the opportunity to live Christmas outside my country has made me appreciate in a special way the traditions of my country, but it has also helped me to open my heart and appreciate the traditions of the country that welcomes me. This Christmas has been for me like the road to Bethlehem. On one side there is the darkness and uncertainty of whether I will experience the miracle, but in the midst of that, there is the light of reassurance that surrounds me and gives me peace. I want to believe; I simply decide to believe.

Young Family – Panama

mismo Cristo

This is our nativity scene, the one we have at home, my husband and our son were involved in placing certain ornaments, however it is me, the girl of the house, who puts together every year the same dream by placing each piece and imagining the arrival of Jesus to our home.

A hug and Merry Christmas

(First photo of the article is the nativity scene of the Santa Marta parish in Panama)

Doug Ulp USA

Just wanted to say thank you for all you do. I live in Rochester NY apart from any community and shrine and it’s really through your articles that I grow and stay connected with the movement.

I know the recent request was regarding Christmas so I just want to say thank you and merry Christmas for the gift of Faith you all provide the Schoenstatt community.

derselbe Christus

This is a picture from my room and my own little sacred space and shrine.

Spiritual Family “The Work” – Rome, Italy

same Christ

This is our manger in Rome.  The photo is not of very good quality, but for me it represents a wonderful reality: it is always the same Christ who invites us to love him… as a child in the manger, in the Mass, in the adoration and on the cross.

Manger of the Salvatorian Sisters in Rome, Italy

same Christ

Jesus, completely sheltered by Mary and St. Joseph, their shared center. Christmas 2022: Jesus safely in my heart, the center of my life? Sheltered in the Church and at its center?

Invitation: As an International Schoenstatt Family we want to share a little of our Christmas and the customs of each country. That is why we invite you to send us a photo of your nativity scene at home, with the name of the Family, the country of origin and in 5 lines a description of what Christmas 2022 means to you. We want to publish these photos and your message on our site and we understand that by sending us your photo, name and message you agree to it being published. We will be receiving your photos via and the last day to receive photos is January 6, 2023. We look forward to your participation


with your loved ones

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