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I pray for you from the Shrine – Participate in the Initiative “A star for you”

Fr. Ignacio Camacho

This Sunday, November 26th, the initiative “A star for you” will be launched in the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt. This initiative has an international scope and everyone is invited to participate by sending their name and prayer request to Schoenstatt.

The opening ceremony will take place at 7:30 p.m. (local Schoenstatt time), with a webcam broadcast from the Original Shrine – click to access.

What is the initiative “A Star for You”?

This initiative began more than ten years ago. Since its beginning it has been an international initiative that wants to unite all the people who are especially connected to the Original Shrine.

Advent is a time when the Church invites us to prepare for the birth of Jesus. The best way to do this is through fasting, works of charity and prayer.
It is precisely this last aspect that we want to deepen through this activity.

Perhaps we often accompany someone in a difficult situation and say “I will pray for you”. Or maybe someone, who knows that we have a special connection with the Shrine, asks us to pray for some personal intention. That is exactly what we want to do during this Advent season that is about to begin, to await the Lord by praying for one another.

Throughout Advent, two-part cards are on display in the Original Shrine. One has a star, where we can write the names and intentions of the people we want to pray for. The other part can be carried with us and given to the person we are praying for. Each day, during the Night Blessing, there is a special prayer for the people and intentions written on the stars. The Adorer Sisters of Mary also pray for these requests during their times of continuous prayer during the day.

This year we want to pray especially for Peace. There are so many situations where violence and war take away our hope. Let us remember that the very place where our Lord was born is experiencing very difficult times.

During this time of Advent, we want to ask our Mother to bestow upon us the “Prince of Peace” from the Shrine.

How to participate?

Participating is very simple, even from a distance. Just fill out the form below, indicating your name, e-mail address, location (city, country), the name you want to put on the star and your petition for this Advent.

You can also offer the star to another person, indicating their name, so that they can pray for him/her.

It is a special occasion to cultivate the network of Shrines (daughter shrines, home shrines, room shrines, heart shrines) to which we belong! May cards arrive from all over the world! May the Original Shrine be present in many, many places!

The deadline for sending the cards is December 24 at 12:00 noon (local Schoenstatt time).


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