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Schoenstatt Heroes conquer the young hearts: Alianza 2k24

Fr. Christo Antony Karakkattu

Youth Camp Alianza 2k24 took place under the shadow of the Providence Shrine in Kuttur, Kerala, India, from April 16th to 19th. The 62 participants showed enthusiasm and a keen interest in learning more about Schoenstatt. All the activities and sharing were done in the four groups constituted by the participants. Five Schoenstatt Fathers and two Sisters of Mary were always available to guide them and inspire the youth.

It was amazing to see how the youth camp participants listened to the life histories of Schoenstatt heroes Joseph Engling, John Pozzobon, Sr. M. Emile Engel, and Franz Reinisch. The exemplary and heroic lives of these heroes challenged them to commit themselves to their spiritual lives and nurture a special relational bond with our Blessed Mother.

The challenge: to live the Covenant of Love boldly

The whole program lasted for four days, and the main thrust of the camp was to make the youth aware of how the Covenant of Love changes their daily lives and their interactions with others.

Inputs and workshops motivated them to believe more in the grace of inner transformation. They were challenged to take up the responsibility of living their covenant of love. The witness of their covenantal life has to be reflected in their daily routines at home, in the schools, and so on.

The motivation and belief that those who seal the covenant of love will be able to live in harmony in their relationships with God, with others, with nature, and with themselves were highlighted.

Between ideas and ideals

Another highlight of the experience was how each group discussed and found out how their group flag should be made and what ideas and ideals they like to project to others. Discussing the ideals and ideas for the flag was a moment for them to assimilate the values behind it and challenge themselves to live for them. Explaining the flag’s symbols to other groups was exciting for many participants.

The program’s peak was the Covenant Day celebration on the 18th, which included the campfire.

The young people were enthusiastically sent out to live, day by day, everything they had experienced during those days.


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