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Apostolic Movement

The countdown is so exciting! Soon we will have a new shrine

Analia Donoso

The long-awaited September 15th, 2024 is almost here, and on this date the Shrine of San Juan, in Argentina, will be blessed!

Our hearts beat strongly as we see step by step how this Shrine, which has been in our dreams for so many years, is being built day by day.

There is not much time left, and our grateful memory reminds us of that July 30, 2009, when the Chamber of Deputies of the province officially donated the land to the Civil Association San Miguel de Arcangel. That was how… the conquest began! The Family already had a place to offer the Blessed Mother.

How to participate

A smile is drawn on our faces and we recall joyfully the month of April 2023 when the construction of the foundation of the great project for the Blessed Mother began.

It will not be long now! And our chest is inflamed when we imagine hundreds of pilgrims from different places who will arrive on September 13 to be part of the blessing triduum.

Therefore, we would like to ask for a very important favor: please register as soon as possible by filling out the pilgrim form. This is very helpful for the organization. Let us invite friends and acquaintances to participate in this historic hour of grace.

Pilgrim form, click here

Photos: San Juan communications team

Contributions to the capital of grace

In San Juan we have been preparing with much enthusiasm, grouped into various commissions, working shoulder to shoulder to combine efforts in the organization and the attention to details. In this way, we will be able to give our Queen an unforgettable celebration.

We thank you for your contributions to the virtual capital of grace (click here) that we will offer to the Blessed Mother every 18th of the month during the Mass.

A Shrine of “Provincial Community and Religious Interest”

In the last few weeks the Pilgrim MTA has toured several parish communities inviting everyone to her blessing celebration. She has also been welcomed in the offices of the mayor of the town of Santa Lucia, who has provided significant collaboration with the construction work in our land.

She was also present in the Chamber of Deputies of the province during its session last May 30, when they declared of “Provincial Community and Religious Interest the Blessing of the Shrine of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement of San Juan, under the motto: Shrine of Mary, miracle of Your Providence”.

Yes, we know…there is still much to do in just a few days. We are convinced that these moments we are experiencing are the beginning of something really great for all of us who live in San Juan and for all those pilgrims who come to visit Our Lady of Schoenstatt in her Shrine.

Happiness is an understatement to describe what we feel when we picture that day! It will be a deeply meaningful celebration for the national and international Family, with Mary in her chosen shrine. On September 15, 2024, a daughter shrine will be blessed and from there, She will reach out and touch countless hearts.

Translation: Maribel Acaron


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