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Dr. Patricio Ventura-Juncá receives important recognition from the Vatican

By: Enrique Soros

The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum -PARA-, announces that on November 4, the Faculty of Bioethics of said Athenaeum “in collaboration with the International Association St. Helen Empress, will host the presentation ceremony of the “A Life for Life” Award to Dr. Patricio Ventura-Juncá”.

The announcement states that

“this award, established in 2009, is granted annually to persons or institutions that have contributed to the appreciation, love, respect and defense of human life in different fields”.


Dr. Patricio

Recognized by Pope John Paul II

With regard to Dr. Ventura-Juncá, it states that “he has stood out both in his academic and personal life for defending human life from the moment of natural conception to its natural conclusion, a fact that was recognized by Pope John Paul II who appointed him in 2003 as an regular member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and where years later he became part of the governing body”.

Member of the Academic Committee of the Academy of Catholic Leaders

Regarding his professional contribution to the Academy of Catholic Leaders, it is noted that Dr. Ventura-Juncá has also stood out “initially as a professor in programs for high school as well as university students in Chile and Latin America, addressing issues related to the defense of life and personal bioethics and has been a member of its Academic Committee for the past 5 years. There he has collaborated in the drafting and revision of multiple programs, always with a pastoral and at the same time rigorous view, providing a truly significant contribution to the various topics. In addition, as a pediatrician, he dedicates himself to working with young patients and, in particular, with the poorest ones”.

Schoenstatt and his encounter with Father Kentenich

Dr. Patricio Ventura-Juncá is a member of the Schoenstatt Family Federation, along with his wife Marita. They were Regional Leaders in Chile and participated in the 1st and 2nd General Chapters of the Federation as capitulants.

At the end of 1963 he traveled to Milwaukee to meet with Father Joseph Kentenich, founder of the Schoenstatt Movement. He was able to live with him at the Pallottine Fathers’ house for two and a half months. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity, he had long conversations with the father, which deeply touched his heart and mind, in such a way that he indicated then that his future, both academic and personal, had been shaped by his personal encounter with Schoenstatt’s founder, not only because of the exchange of ideas and values, but especially because of the impact that his fatherly figure had on his soul. He is currently writing the memoirs of those encounters with Father Kentenich as a testimony of the value they have had on his life.


How to have access to the award ceremony

The ceremony will take place in the Aula MAGNA of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum on Friday, November 4, 2002, at 6:00 p.m. Rome time, lasting one hour, and can be followed online through the Zoom platform. Registration is required via the following link:

Simultaneous translation into English and Spanish will be provided.

The original text can be accessed through the following link:


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