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Apostolic Movement

Docile instruments in the hands of Mary

By: Kennedy Rocha

Docile instruments

The word instrument derives from the Latin “instrumentum”, which means tool, garment; and from instruere: to arrange, to provide what is necessary. Its definition is: “simple object or object composed of several parts, which serves to perform a task, take a measurement or make an observation”. In short, an instrument is an object that can be used to perform an activity, simple or complex, according to the will of the user.

When we pray the consecration to Our Lady, we say: “as your property and possession”. We are instruments in Our Lady’s hands, so that she can do with us as she wishes.

There are those who are afraid to put their life in Our Lady’s hands, imagining that she will send suffering and sacrifices, but they forget that “Our Lady takes perfect care of everything”, -Father Kentenich-, and that we have nothing to fear, because she is our Mother and the cause of our joy.

What does it mean to be an instrument?

In Schoenstatt we try to experience deeply the desire to be an instrument in the hands of the Blessed Mother. From the beginnings of the Movement, the Father and Founder already inscribed this charism on his children. On October 18, 1914, in the Founding Document, we already see that this is one of Our Lady’s promises.

She will establish herself in the little chapel;

From there she will distribute gifts and graces in abundance;

She will attract young hearts to her;

She will educate them;

She will transform them into useful instruments;

and with them, while abandoning themselves into her hands, she will set in motion a movement of renewal.

Our Lady promises to transform us into able instruments to the extent that we abandon ourselves into her hands, like children desiring to be educated.


We can identify some properties of the piety of the instrument:
– Total detachment: detachment from one’s own will.

– Total attachment: total surrender to God and to his will.

– High propensity to surrender: untiring drive to conquest.

– Spirit of parousia: to make Mary present and visible; to reflect, to manifest the divine.

– Interior freedom: the perfect instrument will always choose God with interior freedom and joy.

– Rich fruitfulness. The instrument in God’s hand has only one goal: to make room for God and his fruitfulness.

Schoenstatt Heroes

Schoenstatt’s heroes tried to live the meaning of instrumentality to the fullest. We share key phrases from them in this regard:


Fr. Joseph Kentenich – “We are not dead instruments, but act of our own free will.”

Joao Luiz Pozzobon – “Use me, dear Mother, for the good of the Church and for the renewal of families”.

Gertraud von Bullion – “I want to serve!”

Joseph Engling – “I want to be everything for everyone and to be Mary’s exclusive property.”

Mario Hiriart – “I am an engineer, I have been planning all my life. Now the roles are changing. I know that now I must let the Father be the one to design the plans, I must only fulfill his will”.

Blessed Charles Leisner – “Lead me to your Light, Lord, almighty God. I solemnly promise to be your instrument.”

As your entire property

Let us also seek instrumentality as a way of life. Like Jesus, may our greatest nourishment be to do the will of the Father. Like Mary, may we too proclaim:


“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be done unto me according to your word.”


“Mother Thrice Admirable,

let us always be your instruments,

lovingly giving ourselves in your service

today and forever.

Use us as it pleases God,

entirely for your Schoenstatt world.” [1]


Turn towards Mary, to surrender our hearts as her property.


“Take possession of our hearts and wills—

they are undividedly yours.

They will blindly follow

your every sign and word.

It is your instrument’s honor and glory

to belong entirely to you.” [2]


Source: Schoenstatt Brasil

[1] Fr. Kentenich, Heavenwards, #606


[2] Fr. Kentenich, Heavenwards, #607


* Kennedy Rocha belongs to the Schoenstatt Family League of the Diocese of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.




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