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Brazil’s Apostolic League of Women turns 50.

Communication Team-Women’s League Brazil

 The awareness of being more like Mary everywhere I go

Five decades have passed filled with multiple stories, challenges, conquests and special graces from the Queen and Mother. On July 18, 2021, Schoenstatt’s Apostolic League of Women celebrated its 50th anniversary of being founded in Brazil. United by virtual means as well as in person, the members of the Women’s League had a special program for the weekend.
On Saturday (July 17th) members from around the country prayed the Holy Rosary together. The Southern and Northeastern regions celebrated a jubilee encounter in which they renewed the MTA’s crowning. A jubilee mass was celebrated in Londrina/PR, the city where the league took its first steps.

Aguida Maria Lopes Magalhães, from the Northeastern region, said: “The Apostolic League of Women has allowed me to acquire a greater awareness of what being a Christian woman is. This awareness of being more like Mary everywhere I go, whether at home, with my family or at work, made me live and want to commit myself further to my self-knowledge and gave me the will to introduce our Blessed Mother to others.”




Thanks to the Apostolic League, I fell in love with the Movement

The celebrations took place in five Brazilian states. Magda Lúcia Caldeira Navarro, from the Southeastern region, stated “I learned to fall in love with the Movement with the Apostolic League of Women, then I began immersing myself in the wonderful world of the ideal of being a Living Tabernacle of the Most High. I cannot imagine my life without my complete “yes” to the Shrine, giving my life for the MTA and her work.”

In the Tabor Shrine of Freedom in the State of Minas Gerais, a group from the Apostolic Women’s League sealed their Covenant of Love during the jubilee celebration.  Carla Bianchetti is part of this group and states: “From today on we are a single Family. May we all become a ray of light and hope for other women. May we all remain true and faithful to our Covenant.”



We began the League in Brazil with five women

Natalia Kist, from the Southern region, expressed that this jubilee had rekindled her love and enthusiasm: “I feel that within each branch there is room for all of us, in every stage of our lives, and that we can (and should) evolve as women in society, but also as part of a group. Even with the difficulties, we have to give ourselves and blindly trust our Mother Thrice Admirable. This will always be the best and only way for me.”
Ana Becker lives in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, and belongs to the founding generation of the Women’s League in Brazil. She recalls: “We started the Apostolic League of Women in Brazil with five women. It is a great joy to be able to celebrate our golden jubilee today. I just want to thank our Mother Thrice admirable for this blessing, for this jubilee and hope for many more years to come for the Apostolic League of Women in Brazil.”


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