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Apostolic Movement

A new glimmer of light in Villa Devoto

By: Father Martín Clavijo

Mary moves us to action

Everything happens as usual with Mary, and that is what every ally of the Blessed Mother should know: it has to be now“, explains David, a family man who was in charge of placing the tiled image of the Blessed Mother on that day. And indeed, when you love someone deeply, you are ready to quickly fulfill their smallest desires. One of the priests called him to tell him: “Call Diego, Hilda told us that the tile could be placed at the mechanic’s shop on Calderón de la Barca and Nueva York, it is right on the corner”. And a couple of hours later, they were there with everything they needed. Without a doubt, this was “a day in which our Blessed Mother had planned to put us to work,” David continues. As many in the parish say: “this Blessed Mother doesn’t let you remain still, you have to do something right away”.

glimmer of light

Mary conquers hearts

The Queen of Angels is capable of setting Heaven and earth in motion. While they were still placing the image, donated by the sisters Alejandra and Florencia Villarroel, “the workshop workers started approaching and began to ask which Virgin it was, and they kept exclaiming: “How beautiful she is!” Listening to David’s words, you have to recall the Virgin’s Antiphon: “Who is this, arising like the dawn, as fair as the moon, as bright as the sun, as majestic as an army with billowing banners?” “That is when our tongue, which is already consecrated (to her), begins to do its work, relating Schoenstatt’s incredible story over and over again”, exclaims David. Who does not feel like sharing that the Blessed Mother allows herself to be conquered by her children, that she places her Throne of grace there where they make room for her and where they show her with deeds that they really love her?

We are instruments in Mary’s hands

“Once the image was in place, we prayed three Hail Marys and a Glory Be. The workers took pictures and, together with the neighbors who came to see her, they talked about how beautiful she was. Then I understood why she is the “Pilgrim MTA” and we are her “instruments”. It is because she has the Perfect Plan in her maternal arms: the Divine Infant Jesus”.

On Tuesday, October 18, within the framework of the Patron Feast of St. Raphael, eighteen people from the community sealed their Covenant of Love, including David and his wife. In the same celebration, nine people committed themselves as missionaries of the Blessed Mother, receiving the Pilgrim MTA, and Hilda was one of them.

The following day, Wednesday, the 19th, Mass was celebrated at the corner of Calderon and New York and the image was blessed. Some people brought the Lujanera, the first Pilgrim MTA of Argentina, to the site. Several neighbors joined the group. Mr. Bonomo, who so had so gladly given that small spot to the Blessed Mother on his wall, was also present.

The whole celebration seemed to echo the motivational phrase chosen by the parish community for this year: “Following your light, we walk in community”. St. Raphael lit a new glimmer of light in the neighborhood, for the glory of the Queen of Heaven. This image of grace, like any friendly glow, gathers, protects and takes care of us.

glimmer of light

It was impossible not to add these last words: “Thank you, Mother, for making us part of the perfect Covenant of Love“.


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