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Young Lucas and his great deed

Sister M. Nilza P. da Silva

If after the birth of Jesus there were many children who suffered martyrdom because of his mission, today there are many more children who are touched by the love of Christ and commit themselves for other’s welfare everywhere.

One of these youngsters is Lucas Romanha Sturmer, 11 years old, who lives in Santa Maria, in the south of Brazil, son of Giovane and Fabiana Sturmer, a couple belonging to the Schoenstatt Family League.

It all began when in his school’s religion class the students were given the task of developing a project to help people in need. The project did not have to be carried out. While some children simply designed a plan, Lucas went much further. He spoke to his mom and dad about how his project could actually help people in need. The families Lucas was thinking about had real faces and real stories. They are the ones served by the Centro de Referência Familiar Recanto do Sol -Cefasol-, founded and run by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. As Father Kentenich says, when ideas acquire faces, the heart expands and ideas become concrete actions.

Then came the idea of recording a video asking for food donations to be given to the families of Recanto, the name of the Cefasol care center. “Brighten up a child’s life this Christmas,” Lucas says in his video clip. What if this idea worked? Fabiana, Lucas’ mother, tells us about the result: “The goal was to collect five baskets of basic foodstuff. But it was such a success that with the donations we were able to buy almost 1500 pounds of food and prepare 35 baskets.” Now it was time to record another clip thanking all the donors. In front of a table full of food, Lucas exclaims: “Hello everyone… thank you. I have a feeling that many families will be delighted to receive these gifts.”

Sister M. Mathilde Mang, who heads the Cefasol, was very surprised to receive this youngster’s request, not asking to receive something, but offering a great donation. Lucas even wanted to participate in handing out the gifts. He helped Sr. M. Mathilde deliver each of the baskets and even wanted a picture with each of the families. “It was a joy for him to see all the families receiving the food. He had no idea how rewarding it was to help those most in need,” adds his mother.

In this way, Lucas is one of the many children who give their best so that Christ may live, so that his message may transform today’s society, all of Brazil, at Tabor.

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