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Apostolic Movement

You are a treasure for the Church of Luxembourg!

Sister M. Nilza P. da Silva

On the afternoon of June 26th, the traffic in the small town of Diekirch, in Luxembourg, suddenly had to be stopped. Drivers were visibly startled as they had to wait for the Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt to pass by, accompanied by more than 200 people, including Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg and president of the European Union’s Commission of Bishops’ Conferences.

“You are a treasure for the Church of Luxembourg.”

These are the words spoken by the Cardinal, addressed to the missionaries of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother, at the Holy Mass, in the parish of St. Lawrence. There are more than 100 images of the Pilgrim Mother visiting families, the sick, youth and children in his archdiocese. Joining Cardinal Jean-Claude at the altar for the celebration were Father Gregor Grzanka, Father Guido Antahua, Father Achille Bundangandu, Father André Lauer Favoretti and Father Antonio Bracht. The songs by the Cape Verdean/African migrant choir helped in making everyone’s prayer even better.

The Cardinal encouraged everyone to be missionaries in their daily lives, “where everyone is, because that is where God calls us,” he said.  At the end he invited the Schoenstatt Family, present there: “You are a treasure for the Church in Luxembourg”.  Father Andrew commented that this statement made an impression on him: “This is very powerful for Schoenstatt!”

The family walks under Heaven’s blessing

This celebration is part of the annual gathering of the Schoenstatt Family, who came from various cities of Luxembourg , on pilgrimage to the small chapel* dedicated to the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt.  After Holy Mass, in thanksgiving for the 84th anniversary of this chapel, hymns of praise to the Mother Thrice Admirable were sung in the streets of Diekirch and everyone, including Cardinal Jean-Claude, went in procession to the small chapel. Heaven blessed us with a fine drizzle of rain, indicating the graces that God gives us.

After the renewal of the consecration and the burning of the contributions made to the Capital of Grace, all those present, including the Cardinal, passed in front of the image of the Mother, Queen and Educator who remains untiringly in Luxembourg, distributing all the Shrine’s graces.

The happiness and awareness of being a family

Vocês são

“We are very happy that today was a very special day for us. We were able to come here to Diekirch, on this annual pilgrimage, in honor of the Mother of God. This is the first time we have come, and we were very impressed.  We thought it would be something small, but it was a very beautiful ceremony. We are surprised to discover that we have this shrine and in Luxembourg. It is really a gift for us! We were so grateful; we are considering the possibility of bringing flowers to Mary in gratitude. We are delighted. Serge and Lucia Michels

“It was a very important celebration, and the feelings touched our hearts. The Cardinal says that we are a treasure. I think it is very important that we become aware of this treasure that we are. It was very clear how well received Cardinal Jean-Claude felt among us.” Fatima Paiva

“Today was a very special moment in our lives. We felt the strong presence of the Mother and Queen and we thank her very much for the blessings she brings us. It is very gratifying to be in the chapel for the first time and to have contact with so many people.  It increases our faith even more and we are overjoyed”. Monique Libardi and Martinho de Freitas Salomão

“I am very happy to have participated! It was beautiful to see all these Schoenstatt people (family) in Luxembourg. When we see so many more people participating (in the Movement) we don’t feel alone. You feel like you are part of a big community. I was very pleased to see how people were participating, singing. I felt part of something much bigger than just my family.” Michael Franken

* History of the Small Chapel

This chapel, in the immediate vicinity of the parish, was built in 1938 by Father Aloyse Dühr, after hearing about Schoenstatt’s spirituality and pedagogy and learning about the Original Shrine in Germany. As a teacher and educator in a Catholic training center for teachers, he soon realized that Schoenstatt’s spirituality and pedagogy were totally in line with his ideals for the formation of young people.  His dream was that Schoenstatt could also “grow” in Luxembourg. Therefore, he thought that next to the little chapel there should also be a “formation house”.

During World War II the Nazis took over the country, and the Chapel became a place of refuge for many mothers devastated by the suffering of having their sons fighting in the war or by their death.

Just after the war, Father Aloyse fell seriously ill and, often looking at the picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable, he would say to her: “I gave you everything. Now I will give you the very last of it too!” So, he gave his life for the MTA Mission in Luxembourg.

The Chapel was cared for by various individuals until November 2011, when the Schoenstatt MTA, through the Pilgrim Mother Campaign, found a new way to have a stronger presence among her children in Luxembourg.




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