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Apostolic Movement

The Pilgrim Mother makes her way to Albania

By: Claudia Brehm

The Pilgrim Mother arrives in Albania and is received fervently by many Albanians.

“Frrok Pjetri and his wife Lula got to know the Pilgrim Mother through their visits to Rüsselsheim,”indicates Father Balthasar Blumers in the Albanian-German newsletter. After consulting with his wife, he took the Pilgrim Mother image to his home in Shkoder, Albania, during Advent 2021 to open doors for Jesus and Mary in his country. “Lula, his wife, will prepare the list of participating homes and Pjetri is talking to their home parish priest to get permission to establish the first Rosary Campaign circle in Albania.”

Pilgrim Mother
Pashuk Deda, Frrok Pjetri with the first Pilgrim Mother image for Albania and Fr. Balthasar Blumers from Mainz, through whom contacts were established, at the Tabor Shrine in Marienberg in Schoenstatt, Vallendar (Photo: Amrein).

Bringing the Blessed Mother to the people

Frrok Pjetri says he cannot describe the joy he felt when he was asked if he and his family wanted to take the Pilgrim Mother to Albania and start the first Rosary Campaign circle there.

“I had the feeling that God had shown me a new path in life. Through this, I have grown in faith. I gladly accept the task that has been entrusted to me, that has been entrusted to us. Together with my wife, we will take Our Lady to visit the people.”

His friend Pashuk Deda took a photo at the Tabor Shrine in Schoenstatt, Vallendar, and Frrok shared it on Facebook. “Within an hour, 90 people had responded and 70 had forwarded it in Albania. Everyone reacted very positively,” expressed this family man living in Albania.

“In Frrok, I experienced how Our Lady can make an apostle out of an individual,” commented Father Blumers. On December 11, he received the image of the Pilgrim Mother at the entrance of Marienland House. “After that, he sealed the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother in the Tabor Shrine and I was able to send him out.”

After the first positive consultation with the local priest, he reported that there is already talk of starting a second Rosary Campaign circle at the other end of Shkoder.


Pilgrim Mother
Frrok Pjetri receives the Pilgrim Mother image at the entrance of the Marienland Conference Center on December 11, 2021. Pashuk Deda, a friend from Mainz, accompanies him with the Albanian national flag (Photo: Blumers).

Rosary Campaign Circle – how does it work?

And this is how the Pilgrim Mother project works all over the world: seven to ten people or families form a circle of pilgrims. Each month, Jesus and Mary stay for about three days, and then move on to the next house. The local priest in charge is informed. If he agrees, the image of Our Lady can begin its pilgrimage. A “missionary” is the contact person and coordinates the pilgrimage of Our Lady. And once a year a short report is submitted to the local organization of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign.

During the visit in the house, the image of the Pilgrim Mother is placed in a beautiful spot, where daily life takes place. A gift for those of us who receive the visit of Jesus and Mary: We strive to have a moment for God and for others. It is not about money or financial or religious obligations.

If one day the pilgrim circle should dissolve, the Pilgrim Mother image is returned, since it always belongs to the Campaign.

Frrok Pjetri and the local priest in Kisha Nëne Tereza. The transfiguration of Christ is depicted in the center, on the left the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River and on the right the Wedding at Cana. (Photo: Pjetri)

25 years of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in Germany

The Pilgrim Mother began to travel in Germany in 1997 in preparation for the Holy Year 2000. In those 25 years, many people have allowed themselves to be led by Mary into this network of intimate attachment that emerges from the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt-Vallendar.

– These 25 years of fruitfulness will be celebrated on Saturday, October 1, 2022, with the Feast of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign.



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