Synodality as the Call for an “Incomplete Thought”

Silence filled the room as we waited, somewhat apprehensively. Cardinal Mario Grech was about to arrive [1]. He was coming to be the guest…

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Schoenstatt Bishop at the Synod: Creating “the Church of the new shores”

Among the Schoenstatters summoned to the Synodal Assembly is Bishop Ramón Alfredo de la Cruz Baldera. He serves as Bishop of San Francisco…

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Pope’s October prayer intention: ‘For the Synod’

“Let us pray for the Church, that she may adopt listening and dialogue as a style of life at every level, allowing herself to be guided by…

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Schoenstatt Together – with the Church, with the Pope, for the Synod

One of the great moments of the Church's synodal journey is drawing near. In October 2023, the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod…

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Tres schoenstattianos llamados al Sínodo

Three Schoenstatters called to the Synod: Let us pray for them!

The Vatican last week presented the list of names that will make up the next General Assembly of the Synod, to be held in Rome during…

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instrumentum laboris

“Instrumentum laboris’ calls for welcoming Church that embraces diversity

A document of some sixty pages that incorporates the experiences of local Churches in every region of the world – Churches that are…

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Synodality, Federative Character… Simplicity

However, after a short time (as happened to the community of the apostles called together by Jesus himself), tensions and differences, the…

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sinodality amid war

Ukraine: Is synodality possible amid war?

The prelate, who was present at the European Continental Assembly in Prague, explains how the conflict has interrupted the journey…

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Participants at Congress for a synodal church

Europe gathers in Prague for the continental phase of the Synod

Among the 390 people who participated online and the 200 people on site, Maria Pelz, from the international leadership of the Schoenstatt…

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North American Synod writing retreat: Discernment marks first full day

  The 17 delegates representing the United States and Canada began their work toward composing the North American continental response…

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