Belmonte desire to offer a crown to the Blessed Mother

Dear Schoenstatt Family: Some of us remember the wonderful celebration of the inauguration of the Belmonte/Rome Shrine on September 8,…

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Schoenstatt in Ecuador

Schoenstatt in Ecuador celebrates the Golden Jubilee of its first Shrine

 The Schoenstatt Family in Ecuador has prepared the Jubilee for the 50th anniversary of its National Shrine with countless offerings and…

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Docile instruments in the hands of Mary

Docile instruments The word instrument derives from the Latin “instrumentum”, which means tool, garment; and from instruere: to arrange, to…

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Brazil’s Apostolic League of Women turns 50.

Communication Team-Women's League Brazil  The awareness of being more like Mary everywhere I go Five decades have passed filled with…

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Capital of grace

Capital of Grace and serious aspiration for holiness

The value of each sacrifice we offer to the Blessed Mother so that her graces may bear fruit from the Shrine Our place of grace -the…

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Croatia – becoming a heart in the Father

Claudia Brehm During his pastoral visits in Croatia, Father Horn always makes it a point to listen to the local people, to make joint…

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