The Shrine of Atibaia, which is located one hour from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is probably the most visited Schoenstatt Shrine in the world. Before the pandemic, between 5,000 and 8,000 pilgrims arrived every weekend in more than a hundred buses. These numbers are slowly recovering. The arrival of these multitudes to this Shrine in Brazil shows the profound expansion of the Movement in the country, strongly enhanced by the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, initiated by Deacon John Louis Pozzobon in 1950.

The following is a review of the festivities for the Golden Jubilee of this Shrine:

Golden Jubilee Festivities

The Jubilee Day began at daybreak with the Jubilee Sunrise Celebration followed by a Holy Mass at dawn with the participation of the youth. The pilgrims began to arrive hours later. The young people welcomed those arriving in buses with great joy.

A varied and motivating program

The program included several activities, such as the “Schoenstatt Cinema”, where the visitors could see the documentary “Someone must lead the way”, which tells the story of the Founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, Father Joseph Kentenich.

Juliana Cristina de Souza Troiano, from Guariba, was present at the session and commented on the film. “It portrays the beginning of an inner search that we have with God. We seek to reveal to others what God has put inside our hearts. Someone has to take the first step to then spread the way and the evangelization.”

In the Provincial House chapel there was a moment of prayer, praising with hymns and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and, in the Pilgrims’ Tent, the Marian Rosary was prayed. The band “24 de Octubre” offered a musical presentation that prepared the visitors for the great celebration of the Jubilee.

Jaqueline Rosa das Neves de Souza, a missionary of the Pilgrim MTA, from Sao Paulo, commented: “My feeling of being here is one of gratitude and joy for all that the Mother of God does in my life and in my family”.

Jubilee Stroll


The pilgrims gathered in front of the Shrine to begin the “Jubilee Stroll”, a very touching moment in which the image of the Mother Thrice Admirable Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt descended from her throne of grace to go to meet her children. Many extended their hands before the Blessed Mother and prayed without being able to hold back their tears.

The image carried on a platform advanced through the crowd, with a shower of rose petals, songs, and prayers to Mary. The image’s first stop was at the Cross, then it went to the Jubilee Portal and then to the statue of Father Joseph Kentenich for a moment of gratitude, celebrating also the 75th anniversary of his first visit to Brazil.

At the end of the stroll, the image returned to the Shrine, where the pilgrims consecrated themselves to the Mother and Queen, and celebrated by singing Happy Birthday to the Shrine.

Marilene Alves França, from Sao Paulo, a member of the Mothers’ League, followed the triduum online and traveled to have an encounter with the Blessed Mother on Jubilee Day. “I came here to receive graces from the Shrine and from our dear Mother and Queen. I participated in the online triduum. The experience for those of us who were far away was very profound,” she expressed.


Holy Jubilee Mass


The Holy Mass of Thanksgiving for the 50th anniversary of the Shrine was presided by Mons. Sérgio Colombo, bishop of the Bragança Paulista diocese, state of Sao Paulo, and was concelebrated by the priests of the diocese as well as other priests. Also present were the municipal mayor, Emil Ono, the former mayor, Saulo Pedroso and the Superintendent of the Federal Highway Police of Sao Paulo, Antonio Fernando de Miranda.

Deeply moved, Maria Aparecida Gallo, from Jundiaí, commented on her relationship with the Shrine. “It is indescribable to be here today, to experience the presence of the Blessed Mother and the Father and Founder every minute. I was here when the Shrine celebrated its 30th anniversary, then its 45th anniversary, and now for the 50th Jubilee Anniversary. Today we celebrate by singing Happy Birthday! At the consecration, I shed tears, but tears of purification of my soul, it was very beautiful!

You can read the homily in Portuguese through this link: 

Source: Shrine of Atibaia