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Apostolic Movement

Pentecost Congress: We are waiting for you!

By: Sister M. Nilza Pereira da Silva

Father Kentenich remarks when reflecting on Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth: “We see you, Mother, rushing to go with Jesus, to serve in Elizabeth’s home, who, rejoicing, is filled with the Holy Spirit” (RC 342). Then again at Pentecost, “They all persevered in prayer together with the women, among whom was Mary, the mother of Jesus” (Acts of the Apostles 2:14).

Behind the scenes of the Pentecost Congress, Mary is also present through many individuals who, for some time now, have been working to make the event truly a Cenacle so that, as a Family, “The Spirit of God will move us”.

We are all waiting for you!

To make you feel already “at home”, we introduce you to some of these people:

She is Vanessa Sicouret de Franke and coordinates the logistics and organization of the Pentecost Congress. She works as Management Assistant at ETAIN, Germany, and belongs to the Schoenstatt Family League.  She coordinates the translation and publishing teams for the official website (

“When I was asked if I could help in the organization of the Congress, I had no doubts. The international character of the Congress is the fundamental factor in my decision”. She says that one of her expectations is also to meet her fellow countrymen.

Vanessa literally has the congress in her hands; in the spreadsheets, in the names of the participants and generally in all the planning. She is always attentive to deadlines and commitments. She is already living in Pentecost:

“The Holy Spirit is a faithful companion on my life’s journey. Being here eager to help is my answer to this faithfulness”.

A new Cenacle for Schoenstatt

Father Matías Clavijo, is from the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Tucumán, Argentina. He completed his tertianship (time of formation within his community) at the beginning of the year and has remained in Schoenstatt as the person in charge of the Congress Secretariat:

“With our team, we will take care of all the necessary practical matters: photocopies, papers, groups, agenda, etc.”  God prepared him for this through his work with the Boys’ Youth.

He dedicates himself to his present task with the confidence that from June 8-12 “we will listen together to the voice of the Holy Spirit for our Schoenstatt Family.” Looking at the papers and files he has to handle, he sees people rather than words and numbers: “We are waiting for you all! May this encounter be a new Cenacle for Schoenstatt”.

And a great song is also part of it

You may not know Sister M. Tabea Platzer, but you have surely heard her sing. She is a Sister of Mary who lives in Schoenstatt, Germany, and who studied music.  She has the task of accompanying young women who come to begin their vocational journey in the Sisters’ Institute.

Sister Tabea is also already in the spirit of the Cenacle, preparing the music for the Congress:  “I am so happy that we can help to create a Holy Spirit atmosphere during the Pentecost Congress.”

She believes that when we pray and sing together, “we can always bring the Holy Spirit back into our midst to discern better where God wants to lead us”.

These are just three of the dozens of individuals who are already at the Cenacle, in Germany and in various parts of the world, serving and waiting for all the participants!

As Pope Francis said, “the Spirit makes us enter into a new dynamic of fraternity…” …. We can look at each other as brothers and our differences only make the joy and wonder of belonging to a single paternity and brotherhood multiply.” (Pentecost, 2016)


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