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Pentecost Congress: We are reaching the end…

By: Sister Nilza Pereira da Silva

Most of these Covenant of Love brothers and sisters who have registered for the Pentecost Congress, will meet for the first time face to face with a very important mission: To listen to God’s voice through Divine Providence at this time and to “elaborate a common response” that expresses Schoenstatt’s message in the face of the current challenges presented by the Church and society.

They are already experiencing the Congress

In fact, in their hearts the Congress has already begun since their activities to prepare for the trip and their prayers have been directed daily towards this event. “We have gathered to talk about the life currents of the Movement in Mexico, and we have recited the prayer to the Holy Spirit composed by Father Kentenich. This May, we offer the Heroic Masses at 6:00 a.m. for the intentions of the Congress,” said José Pablo Ramírez Carrasco, who belongs to the Professional Branch in Querétaro, Mexico.

Ana María Wahl, belongs to the Girls’ Youth, in Barnechea, Chile. Mindful that she represents her entire country, she prepares herself with prayers and interacting with the “Schoenstatt Youth from all over Chile and with other young people, to have a broader vision of the present reality of Catholics (especially the adolescents) and how we are facing the world and the new currents and concerns that have emerged.”

Klara and Miloslav Zantovi, from the Czech Republic, use this opportunity to practice their language skills by listening to the presentations of the last Congress and listening to the Schoenstatters from their homeland: “We place ourselves as pupils open to dialogue and we pray the rosary for the intentions of the Congress”.  At the same time, they are already planning how to share the experience and the outcome of the
Congress with the members of the Movement in the Czech Republic.


Pentecostcongress 2022

William and Monica Fiebelkorn, from Canada, have also become united in their thoughts and hearts with all the participants: “We are praying daily our Father and Founder’s prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit, asking him to enlighten all the delegates and coordinators of the Pentecost Congress.”

An openness to the very best

This is how the Fiebelkorn couple defines their expectations: “To gather in the Original Shrine is to return once again to Schoenstatt’s sources and to the gifts that our MTA spreads from there. It is to cultivate the spirit of the Cenacle. In these times of great challenges, such as war and pandemic, the response we are called to give to the Church and society must be clear and creative. We hope to return renewed in our audacity so that we can live up to what God expects of us”.

“I hope that this Congress will be an opportunity to be united in the same pursuit of answers to the challenges of the present times, from different places and realities. May we get together and share so that we and many others can leave with the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to restore the world to its center in Christ, hand in hand with the Mother of God,” explains Anita.

José Pablo hopes that the Pentecost Congress will strengthen the life of the Schoenstatt Family in his country: “I hope to meet with people from all over the world who share the Schoenstatt ideals, to exchange ideas and ways of living our faith, to return strengthened in the Holy Spirit and to take the fruits of the Congress to Mexico”.

There is a language known to all

Guillermo and Monica stated that they are also open to embrace the best of the Schoenstatt Family’s experience in the different countries under the light of the Holy Spirit, and that the different languages and cultures will be a contribution for everyone’s personal growth.

As for the language differences, from June 8-12, each participant will be able to contribute and take home the experience that our Father and Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, manifested when he greeted the Schoenstatt Family in Uruguay: “There is a language that we all recognize: it is the language of love. The language of love for our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt…. No one should be able to surpass us in this love”.


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