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Apostolic Movement

Original Shrine: changes approved

Sr. M. Cacilda Becker

The altar of the Original Shrine

The International Presidium of the Schoenstatt Work has decided that the altar of the Original Shrine should be adapted so that it can be brought forward for the celebration of Holy Mass.

The International Presidium has been dealing with this issue since June 2021. The pandemic situation has intensified the online connection to the Original Shrine, especially the participation in the Eucharists. The small altar, which was always considered temporary and has been there for too long, has been added. A definitive solution had to be found.

The premises were clear: there should only be one altar and that should be the historical and original one, not another one. Secondly, according to the post-conciliar liturgical reform and current sensibility, the priest should normally celebrate the Eucharist addressing the people. In all this, the mens fundatoris was decisive and determining for us: the Original Shrine is the spiritual center and source of graces for all, and at the same time it is the model for all the other daughter shrines. For this reason, the form and appearance of the Original Shrine must remain unchanged, which is of great importance for the psychological attachment and rootedness.

The administrative council of the Original Shrine was asked to propose possible concrete solutions, which were presented to the International Presidium. After these consultations, all the representatives of the different communities in the International Presidium unanimously decided that the altar of the Original Shrine should be movable for the celebration of the Eucharist. This will soon be put into practice.

P. Juan Pablo Catoggio

International Presidium

Schoenstatt, December 26, 2021



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