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Apostolic Movement

Leadership in difficult times, based on faith and love

By: Giancarlo Carrozzini | League of Families of Guayas - Ecuador

The league council together with the leaders of the communities of counselors, couples, and active groups, and under our motto for the year “Living Shrines Family Workshop” left behind the pandemic and overcame the fears of insecurity that we are experiencing in our country, convinced that we will build and repair in our Shrine what is necessary in our families for these turbulent times

Liga de Familias
Father Felipe Rios- advisor 

Motivation of Advisors

After sharing recommendations from security specialists, our beloved advisor Sister Flavia Sommerhoff reminded us that our faith is the only source of security and that the challenge is to entrust our security to God our Father, as our Father and Founder did, allowing himself to be enlightened and guided by the Holy Spirit, with a faith that is alive and lively, heroic and victorious.  Meanwhile, our advisor, Father Felipe Rios, urged us to educate in love in the family workshop, because the family is the first school of human values where we learn the good use of freedom through positive experiences from parents, building families in communion and solidarity, educating through experiences, and recovering traditions and positive habits.

Guide of Branch Leaders

Finally, our Branch Leaders Fernando and Linda Arzube guided us in the workshop on being a leader where the participants, identifying the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, and illuminated by our motto, set out on the road in this 2023 listening to the voices of God and of the times in the midst of the period in which we live and the realities that the world presents us, with the permanent opportunity to leave our mark in this world.

Jornada Dirigentes Ecuador

Our Engagement: “Living Shrines Family Workshop”

Therefore, we seal our commitment with the imprint of our hands on a canvas with the motto that will accompany us throughout this year, to be present in all league activities as a reminder of the desires and commitments of this meeting.

dirigentes desde la fe y el amor

*Giancarlo y Sandra Carrozzini belong to League of Families of Guayas – Ecuador.


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