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Father Franz Reinisch is an example for the youth who seek to be faithful to their conscience.

By: Father Niederschlag

We share below the text of the 4-minute video with remarks by Norbert Reinisch, grandnephew of Father Franz Renisch, about his great-uncle:

Thank you very much for actively maintaining Father Franz Reinisch’s legacy. It is important and necessary to work against forgetfulness. With the death of my father, Franz Reinisch, nephew of Father Franz Reinisch’s, one of the last contemporary witnesses of our family, who personally met Father Reinisch, left this world a year ago. In his name I can share some thoughts. As Father Adalbert already stated: Forgotten, veneration and role model.

Franz Reinisch’s decision to oppose the diabolical regime should be seen as a heroic act for today’s young generation, because in reality the saints of the Church – in the current language of the young generation  – are the great heroes.

Paying with one’s life and not selling one’s soul in order to face the Creator with a clear conscience seems unimaginable today.

With his beatification, Father Franz Reinisch will not be forgotten by future generations, and people with doubts of conscience will be able to turn to him. Especially in view of  future social challenges, but also politicians, who will have to face the coming generations, a strong sign of our Catholic Church is also needed.

With deep faith in Holy Scripture – as Jesus says in Matthew: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – Father Franz has already been rewarded.

For veneration: a beatification allows believers to raise our concerns together, to better spread the spirit of Franz Reinisch, to share his enthusiasm for

Christian coexistence and, don’t we feel, especially on this day of remembrance, his spirit amongst us?

Life example: Franz Reinisch should be an example of life for all of us. For his awareness, by his conviction, because God expressly accepted his death to combat evil.

Let us pray together so that Franz Reinisch can be venerated together with all other martyrs and be accepted into the community of the blessed and the saints. Thank you very much.

Note: Our documentary on Father Franz Reinisch is finally available on DVD after two years of planning and production. You can find more information on our website:


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