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Apostolic Movement

Deepening our relationship with our Father and Founder

By: Erika Cedeño C.

Since 2020, Father’s Secretariat in Ecuador, along with the Guayas Family League, has organized the Father Kentenich Workshop virtually, addressing all the communities of the Schoenstatt Family inside and outside of Ecuador.

This year the title of the workshop was: “I am your letter, Father Kentenich”

Seventy-one people registered, twenty-six of whom were couples. A large number of Schoenstatters residing in the United States from the Federation of the Family Work and the Mothers’ Branch also participated. There were four sessions throughout the month of August.

The workshop covers the life of our Father according to the four milestones of Schoenstatt and concludes with a session that focuses on the bond with the Founder. Thanks to technology, it is a very dynamic workshop. It encourages a very active participation thanks to the educational technology tools and also enables the participation of international workshop participants.

Exchange of ideas

Two couples from the Family League in Quito and Guayaquil were in charge of the sessions together with Sister Ma. Julia Agüero, responsible for the Father Kentenich Secretariat in Argentina and Sister María Auxiliadora Bohórquez, superior of the Sisters of Mary in Guayaquil. Several Schoenstatters were invited to give their testimonies about their filial bond with Father Kentenich.

We share some of the thanksgiving messages from the participants:

I love him more

With my eternally grateful heart, may we all remain deeply united in love with our beloved Father and Founder, Joseph Kentenich. Personally, I love him more, since now I know him even more deeply, because in each one of you I have found traits of his personality. I have to renew my filial Covenant with Father Joseph Kentenich!

Father Kentenich’s charism unites us as a Family

Getting to know our Founding Father’s charism and being united as members of a family is what gives us a common surname: Schoenstatt. Many thanks to all the speakers who contributed and taught us so much through their originality.

It exceeded my expectations

It was a spectacular workshop, beyond my expectations… a true gift from the Blessed Mother. May God and the Blessed Mother bless you abundantly and may you continue to be leaven in God’s land…much has been learned and understood about our Father and Founder and this has deepened my bond with him, with my Blessed Mother and with Schoenstatt.

25 new allies to the Father and Founder

Those who participate in the Workshop are invited to seal or renew the Filial Covenant with our Father and Founder. This Covenant took place on Saturday, August 26th in the Heavenly City Shrine. After the retreat offered by the Advisor of the Guayas Family League, Sister Ma. Flavia Sommerhoff, titled “Father comes to the encounter with my soul”, the rite of the Covenant with Father Kentenich was celebrated.

Our Father has 25 new allies who said yes to the Schoenstatt mission.
Yes Father, your legacy is our mission. Here we are, we go with you. Our hand in your hand, our thoughts in your thoughts, our heart in your heart!

Invitation for 2024

We invite our International Schoenstatt Family to participate in Workshop 2024. We will share information in a timely manner through the Instagram account @amigospjk.

For further information you can contact us at


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