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Pope’s prayer intention: ‘For people living on the margins’

By: Vatican News

In The Pope Video for September, produced by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, he reflected on the indifference endured by many people who are marginalized.

“Let us pray for those people on the margins of society in subhuman living conditions, that they may not be neglected by institutions and never be cast out.”

In response to such indifference, he held up a “culture of welcoming, of providing shelter, of giving a home, of offering love, of giving human warmth.”

Widespread poverty and hardship

According to the UN, over 10 percent of the global population, or 700 million people, live in extreme poverty. Another 1.6 billion people dwell in inadequate living conditions, even in developed nations.

Similarly, reports from the World Health Organization reveal that one of every eight persons lives with a ‘mental disorder,’ and that 16% of the world’s population lives with a ‘serious disability’.

United in covenant with the whole Church, let us pray for this intention and let us look, with attitudes of love and mercy, to our brothers and sisters who need it most.


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